Shaheen: ”Pay more’ to keep your doc,’ won’t say if she’d vote for O-Care again

Americans who have lost access to their health care providers due to ObamaCare may be able to get their old doctors back but only if they are “willing to pay more.” That’s Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) solution to the problems resulting from the healthcare law she voted for, which blocks tens of thousands of Granite Staters from accessing their doctors and hospitals.

“At least for people who are willing to pay more, that they have that option of going to their doctor and hospital no matter what their insurer does,” Shaheen stated during a radio interview on WKXL on Friday. The Senator’s comments can be heard at the 1:50 mark in the below clip.

Shaheen said the lack of New Hampshire doctors and hospitals in the approved ObamaCare networks is “clearly still an issue.” Nevertheless, Shaheen maintains, “I don’t think anyone wants to go back.”

Later in the interview, Shaheen refused to state definitively whether or not she’d vote for ObamaCare again knowing what she knows about the law now. “I would’ve designed it differently had I been designing it. I wasn’t the person who was writing the law. Hindsight is 20/20,” she said.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Dimart45

    Unfortunately Ms. Shaheen YOU never bothered to read the bill or you COULD have written it differently. Wanna try again? And yes. I want to go back!

  • Joe Btfsplk

    She looks starkers.

  • Poi Ball

    Sounds like the old protection racket. If you’ll just pay more you’ll get more protection.

    “, Shaheen maintains, “I don’t think anyone wants to go back.”

    My guess is everyone wants to go back. I have not heard of anyone who is better off with Obamacare.

  • johnholliday

    Congrats, New Hampshire, this is the jerk you voted in

  • johnholliday

    Hey Jeanne, did the unions have to pay more to get an exemption to Obamacare?

  • Oscar_DeGrouch

    You’re fired.

  • johnholliday

    “I don’t think anyone wants to go back.”

    That’s your problem, Jeanne. You don’t read and you don’t think.

  • jeanie6

    You didn’t read the law either. You have to go.

  • Scott J. Gower

    she would’ve “redesigned” the law how? what is that supposed to mean? the law won’t work without the parts Obama stuck in it.
    it pains me to see how those fleeing from Massachusetts are changing NH.

  • MarqSheb

    The absolute contempt that these supposed representatives have for the people is beyond belief. Hey NH, vote this arrogant POS out next time around and help your country. And Jeannie Shahennie, most of us would go back. Anything is better than OBOZOCARE

  • Joe_in_Indiana

    If you didn’t read the law, how can you say you represented your constituency?

  • SomeGuy Somewhere

    I’m not from NH, but I’ve visited many times and met the fine people of NH. I know they are not stupid enough to reelected this self centered, unaware ass hat again. To the good people of NH, please go to the polls and vote this special interest protector out of office.

    Good grief

  • MNHawk

    I don’t quite remember the Real Democrat of Genius promoting Obamacare quite that way, before she voted for the bill she didn’t read.

  • chopper bob

    For-site and doing your job would have been to read the bill. Get out now!

  • Frank Tran

    They run like roaches when light are turned on

  • Bandofotters

    Maybe one shouldn’t be voting for a bill simply because of its title. Next time read it, oppose it and recommend improvements before voting for it.

  • gladiusmaximus

    What a disaster the state of NH is becoming! An influx of maggots from Massachusetts has given us a plethora of welfare state Democrats – almost all of them happen to be utterly clueless females! If we don’t turn this state around, we’ll be the disaster that Vermont is – a small state with huge social welfare obligations!

  • Codetrain

    Mayb she is sarting a coalition to change the Newhampshire moto–
    “Live free or…. Not”?

  • Joe Morales

    Yeah, hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately for us, you didn’t have the foresight to realize what a mess it was.

  • Robbie

    Shaheen is playing the old polical two-step. The citizens that voted for her and vote for her again in the next election deserve what they get. My c compassion goes out to those who don’t vote for her and get saddled with her own agenda coupled with Obama and his go nowhere do nothing policies. Get out and vote to get her out of Washington.

  • pauladavis

    I live in NH, this woman speaks to no one here and goes out of state on radio? She will face the voters of this State, and will be held accountable for her parroting the current administration. She, Kuster and Shea-Porter, should all be nervous about their future employment. I wrote to her 5 years ago about my opposition to the law, and I received rhetoric. I will be proud when she is finally out of office.