Shaheen focuses on small business in Manchester, Brown on energy in Seabrook

MANCHESTER — With the clock ticking down to Election Day, Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen on Wednesday intensified her focus on her work for small businessesin the state, while challenger Republican Scott Brown revisited the need for energy independence.



Shaheen went to the internet services company Dyn in Manchester where she told employees that she has “fought to close special tax loopholes for companies that outsource American jobs and led the fight to pass legislation that cut taxes for our small businesses,” her campaign said.



Brown, meanwhile, visited the Seabrook nuclear power plant, where he also met with employees and emphasized that nuclear power should be part of an “all of the above” energy strategy.


In Manchester, Shaheen said, “Scott Brown’s record is clear. He championed billions in tax giveaways to big oil companies, special breaks for Wall Street banks, and even voted for tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. That’s just further proof that he’s not for New Hampshire.”



After his visit to Seabrook, Brown said, “Energy prices in the Granite State are increasing and costs are estimated to rise as much as 50 percent this winter. Senator Shaheen voted for a national energy tax and supported efforts to limit the use of nuclear power in New Hampshire. We simply can’t afford Senator Shaheen’s costly energy policies.”


Also, Brown said that Shaheen opposed the Seabrook plant during its license phase in the 1980, although she now denies it.


The Shaheen campaign responded that Brown’s energy plan would hike prices because it includes exporting natural gas.


Brown spokesman Elizabeth Guyton called the charge “a ridiculous distortion. Scott Brown has discussed exporting gas to help our allies stand firm against Russian aggression.”


Also Wednesday, the Shaheen campaign released a new web ad in which a Kensington couple accuse Brown of supporting the outsourcing of jobs.


View the ad below:


Author: John DiStaso

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  • blitzs

    Sen. Sheehan ought to point to the tax sections of the law which support- out sourcing. I don’t know of any. She is just echoing Omama. Same with the subsidies to big oil, Sen. Sheehan name them. She just want to raise domestic energy prices by denying valid tax deductions that other companies in the extractive energy industry have had for years and years. She hates petroleum, the same way she is using her environmental surrogates to block natural gas pipelines (the Tennessee Gas Pipeline) from coming into NH. She is part and parcel an Obama accolade, but tries to hide it behind a make nice personality.