Shaheen daughter faces voter registration inquiries as a result of lingerie company filing

New Hampshire senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen faced raised eyebrows this week as a result of a report that her 28-year old daughter, Molly Shaheen, has her lingerie business registered at her parents’ New Hampshire home, despite residing in Los Angeles, California.

The news has sparked questions surrounding the younger Shaheen’s voter registration, given that she publicly lists her state of residence as California despite voting in the Granite State last year. The NH Union Leader reported on Friday:

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s 28-year-old daughter, Molly Shaheen, says she splits her time between New Hampshire and Los Angeles and considered New Hampshire her home and domicile when she voted in Madbury last year.

“I’m very well-versed in the voting rules,” Molly Shaheen said Thursday.

The Union Leader story further notes that the website for Naked Undies, the business operated by Molly Shaheen, states that both her and her business partner “currently reside in Beverly Hills,” going as far as to say that Shaheen “planted her roots” on the West Coast. Additionally, Shaheen’s personal Facebook page lists Los Angeles as her “current city.”

Shaheen, who voted in New Hampshire for the 2012 presidential primary, party primary, and general election told the Union Leader that her move to California was recent and temporary:

“I split my time between New Hampshire and Los Angeles,” Shaheen said. “I’m not permanent in Los Angeles.”

She said she “got an apartment in Los Angeles a few months ago. I was living at my parents’ house when I voted in the last election. And I was in school in San Diego before that.

“I didn’t even have a place in California when I voted last year,” Shaheen said.

However, sources have pointed to a 2011 news story detailing the Shaheen family’s reaction to the killing of Osama bin Laden as proof that the senator’s daughter doesn’t meet residency requirements when it comes to voting in the Granite State. From The Nashua Telegraph:

There’s little surprise then that Shaheen’s youngest of three daughters, Molly, called her parents from Los Angeles, Calif., at midnight Monday to make sure they heard the news.

A source also brought NH Journal’s attention to the “employment” section of Shaheen’s Facebook page, which lists three positions at talent agencies located in Los Angeles prior to starting her own business. While dates are not noted in the Facebook entreis, NHJ’s source notes, it “seems impossible” that Shaheen could have had four jobs in the six months she claims to have lived in Los Angeles.

New Hampshire state law reads that a person must possess “a single established domicile for voting purposes” in order to cast a ballot. A domicile is defined by the Secretary of State’s website as “that place, more than any other, where you sleep most nights of the year, or to which you intend to return after a temporary absence.”

Senator Shaheen’s office hasn’t commented on the matter, although the senator’s husband, Bill Shaheen, confirmed to BuzzFeed that he personally registered Naked Undies as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in New Hampshire. He further noted that he didn’t choose its name, saying that he was proud of his daughter for starting her own business.

Author: Staff Reporter

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