Shaheen campaign labels Bass ‘extreme’ ‘Tea Party’ Republican

In a fundraising email released on Tuesday, NH Senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign sounded the alarm that former 2nd District Congressman Charlie Bass may challenge Shaheen in 2014.

The email portrayed Bass, who is generally considered a moderate to the extent that he has faced multiple conservative primary challenges, as having “extreme views.” From the email message:

Charlie Bass isn’t just another Republican. No, he’s someone who says the Tea Party is going to “save our nation.”

He called his vote for the Ryan budget, which slashed nutrition assistance for children and gutted Medicare, a “great statement of principle.”

With those kinds of extreme views, Bass is the very prototype for a candidate Karl Rove and extremist Super PACs will spend millions supporting.

While this rhetoric may be unlikely to pass the smell test among Granite State voters who know Bass well, it does indicate that Shaheen’s camp views Bass as a credible threat. Bass has not indicated whether there is any truth to rumors that he is considering a Senate run.

Author: Staff Reporter

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