Scrooge Norelli’s Home for the Holidays Program

New House Speaker, Terie Norelli, is a compassionate person, just ask her.  She is always raising the siren call of “compassion” to justify expanding government and redistributing wealth.  Now, she has demonstrated the breadth of her compassion by sending long-time bipartisan aide, Betty Lichty home for the holidays to spend more time with her family.  The Journal has learned that Norelli unceremoniously fired the affable and well-liked Lichty yesterday just in time for Christmas.

Lichty, who had served the House as an Administrative Assistant under both the Republicans and Democrats earned the respect of legislators from both sides of the aisle, with the obvious exception of Norelli.  Litchy has been described as “the House’s superbly capable administrative assistant” by the dean of Statehouse Reporter’s Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph and the mood around the State House this morning is anything but compassionate.

“Betty Lichty was an asset to our state who will be missed,” said Representative Pamela Tucker, Co-Chair of the House Republican Alliance. “Betty added a personal touch to the reception area to everyone who entered. She was a non-partisan, dedicated employee with a wealth of institutional knowledge and was well liked and respected by many of us in the house. Her firing is a shock to us and we are saddened at the loss”

To futher highlight the Speaker’s compassion, Litchy has been dealing with health issues this year.  Her firing will leave her without income and health care benefits.  Norelli immediately eliminated all mention of Lichty on the state government website, perhaps hoping everyone will forget about her and her treatment by Scrooge Norelli.  The Speaker’s office gave no official reason for the firing of Lichty.

“The Speaker has the right to hire whomever she would like, but in this case Betty was so well-repected and competent it just doesn’t make any sense,”  said one long-time Democratic state legislator who asked not to go on record for fear of reprisal by the Speaker. “I can’t imagine what Betty could have done to deserve this terrible treatment by the Speaker.  This just reeks of partisan politics and its not a good way to start the session.”

Speaker Norelli’s office had not responded to the Journals calls at the time of filing this report.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Former Rep. Panek

    As a former State Representative, I know Betty Lichty and this was a horrible act. She is a very nice lady who always has a smile. The new speaker should re-think this horrible act… No one deserves to be treated this way. Former Rep. Panek

  • Rep. Lenette M. Peterson

    Having just finished my freshman term, Betty Lichty was always available for questions and guidance. Her smile and warm welcome will be missed. If this is what we have to look forward to from Speaker Norelli, this is going to be a long term…

  • HammerNH

    How is it that an admin asst is not in the NH civil service system? A ‘firing’ by a politician is exactly what the system is intended to protect against. Or maybe Betty only pays SEA/SEIU the stolen money, not the ‘joiner’ level payments?

  • Timothy Horrigan

    @HammerNH I would be cautious about believing even the things which are explicitly said in this article, let alone any of the things which are merely implied. We don’t know why Ms. Lichty left or what sort of a severance package she received— and we probably never will know because this is confidential info which only she is allowed to divulge. She would at the minimum be eligible for unemployment compensation and she can buy into the state plan through the Cobra program. That’s not as good as being employed, but she is not entirely without income or health care insurance— and she was doubtless paid more than a subsistence wage.

    It is not shocking that personnel changes happen when there is a change in leadership.

    • Andy Stachura

      No one in the entire New Hampshire House has done more to deprive the citizens of this state of their Constitutional rights than Norelli. She opposed allowing the People of NH their Article 31 & 32 Rights in Redress of Grievances. Terie knows the Judicial Conduct Committee is a sham operation as it has NO Constitutional authority to do anything about the epidemic of corrupt Judges in this State. What’s worse, is that she knows only the House has that power, but didn’t have the balls or smarts to use it. Now there’s real leadership! Norelli is a disgrace!

      • Timothy Horrigan

        @Andy not to get into too big an argument with you, Andy, but actually it was Speaker Norelli who in 2009 developed a procedure for filing petitions. There was no guarantee they would be heard, although policy committees were free to take them up if they wanted to.

        • Anonymous

          Then why was it only a caucus that meant nothing? Everyone filed petitions and submitted their documents proving abuse for absolutely nothing. Why didn’t she make it a committee as Bill O’Brien did? If the Redress Grievance Committee stay’s together under Norelli, it will be a miracle.

    • NH resident

      It’s hard to make Cobra payments which are extremely expensive on top of all the other regular bills people have to still pay when you find yourself unemployed with no income. At the very least, she should have let her stay on until after the holidays and with due notice.