Scott Brown ‘joke’ about out-of-staters voting in NH raises ire of Democrats

CONCORD – Scott Brown’s campaign spokesman says he was clearly joking. But the state Democratic Party says it’s no joking matter to invite out-of-staters to “come on down” and vote for him.


The exchange on the Howie Carr radio show caught the attention, and the ire, of the NHDP, whose spokesman said the invitation means Brown knows he can’t win the election for the U.S. Senate with his level of Granite State support.


According to a report on the exchange by, Carr, repeating a listener’s question, said, “‘Ask Scott why people should vote for him instead of the other GOP candidates.’ That’s from Vermont actually.”


Brown said, “Well sure. The first – where’s that from? Vermont?”


Carr said, “Yeah. 8-6-0. Yeah.”


Brown then said, with a bit of a chuckle, “Well they can come over and do same-day registration and say they want to come down and vote. So if they feel compelled to do so, come on down.”


Carr then says, “Or is 8-6-0 Connecticut? That may be Connecticut. I’m not sure. I get confused.”


Brown said, “Yeah well whatever it is, they can come up.”


Click here for a podcast of the interview, which was conducted on Aug. 22.


Brown spokesman Elizabeth Guyton told, “He was clearly joking.”


Although the state allows same-day registration, those who wish to do so much provide proof of being domiciled in New Hampshire, as well as proof of identity, age and citizenship.


“Encouraging his out-of-state supporters to vote in New Hampshire is no joking matter,” said NHDP spokesman Julie McClain. “Brown must not believe he can win this election with just New Hampshire voters, because he is now telling radio listeners to travel to New Hampshire explicitly to vote for him, and that’s wrong.”


But NHGOP spokesman Lauren Zelt countered,  “It’s clear from the audio that Scott Brown was making a lighthearted joke. Unfortunately, New Hampshire Democrats have viewed voter fraud as a serious election day strategy and even used Democrat State Senator Martha Fulller Clark’s Portsmouth mansion as a safe harbor for out of state voters. New Hampshire Democrats have promoted real voter fraud and it’s clear that they will employ the same strategy strategy to prop up Jeanne Shaheen’s flailing campaign.”



Author: John DiStaso

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