Scott Brown for Senate (in New Hampshire)?

Why is former US Senator and current FOX News personality Scott Brown speaking at a Grafton County, NH GOP event next month?

Well, according to some GOP operatives who have spoken to NH Journal, the latest rumor is that Brown is considering running for Senate again in 2014, but this time in the Granite State against Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen.

Though we cannot stress enough this is just a rumor, the notion isn’t as farfetched as it might first appear.

Brown is very well known in the Granite State by virtue of the fact that a significant portion of the state is inside the Boston media market (though not Grafton County, the operatives we spoke to point out, which might be his motivation for going there).

What’s more, some argue that Brown’s moderate political profile is exactly what the battered New Hampshire Republicans need at the top of the ticket in 2014.

Brown is no stranger to New Hampshire. His sister lives in the Seacoast and he owns a beach house in Rye.

Late last week on Twitter, Brown made a show of his longstanding connection to New Hampshire:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Ray Cabral

    We don’t appreciate carpetbaggers here and we are already ready fall of teabaggers.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Looks like someone slipped some of Papa’s secret recipe into their tea.
      – C. dog

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    A great replacement for the gun hating Jeanne Shaheen

  • Incident Commander

    Ray Cabral, you sound a bit like a typical Tea-cupper. Too many Tea Partiers? Really? Where are they all?

    Few NH Republicans would want Mr. Brown representing them simply because he’s hardly a Republican. At best, he’s a Blue Dog Democrat trapped in Massachusetts. Bringing him a few miles north will not amount to a transformation.

  • samiinh

    It wouldn’t surprise me. Brown, like Ayotte, is just your run-of-the-mill opportunist.