Rove Does Election Day Math for American Crossroads

American Crossroads, the conservative 527 organization committed to raising and spending several hundred million dollars to spend on advertising in the 2012 election cycle, has released a new video featuring senior adviser Karl Rove breaking down the presidential race and the Republicans’ path to the White House.

Calling 2012 the “most important election in 100 years,” Rove states that Obama has been a much more liberal president than 2008 voters bargained for, and his support is down among several key demographics including college graduates (24 points), Hispanics (23 points), young voters (32 points), Independents (26 points) and Midwest voters (26 points).

Rove then breaks down the electoral map to explain how the Republican nominee can get to the 270 electoral votes required to win the White House.

“President Obama will have the cash, but he can’t run on his record. What’s he going to say? Vote for me because of the failed stimulus, all those deficits I piled up and a health care bill you hate? To win, the Republican nominee has got to carry every single state John McCain carried (180) then flip three traditionally Republican states back in to the GOP column: Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia (219). Then our nominee needs to add Florida and Ohio into the mix (266). And then to win: Any other single swing state on the map,” says Rove, adding, “We need your help in this task – America’s future is literally at stake. Let’s get this done.”

Watch the video here:

Author: Staff Reporter

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