Ron Paul: “Not surprised” by lack of media attention to campaign

NH Journal sat down with Texas Congressman Ron Paul this morning during a campaign stop in the Seacoast. One of the items we asked him about was the perception that the mainstream media is willfully ignoring his candidacy, even in the face of a strong second-place finish in the Ames Straw Poll and strong showings in many early state polls.

Paul told us he believes the lack of coverage stems from two factors: On the one hand, he says, “A lot of people don’t understand what I talk about,” noting that his libertarian-oriented ideas and policy proposals often challenge traditional beliefs – even for Republicans. “And then there’s another group who knows exactly what I’m taking about, and they see that as a threat,” which in his view accounts for some of the radio silence.

Affirming that he is “not really surprised” by the coverage gap, Paul did note that in his view his campaign has made “great strides” toward gaining traction.

See what else Congressman Paul had to say on the subject below:

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Amanda Markell contributed to this report.

Author: Staff Reporter

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