Ron Paul Draws 500 Disciples to Durham

Ron Paul, with state Sen. Jim Forsythe, takes Q&A at a town hall meeting at UNH on Friday night.

Close to 500 people, the vast majority under 30 years old and nearly all them committed Ron Paul supporters, came out to hear some inspiration from their movement’s leader at a town hall meeting in Durham Friday night. That’s a big crowd – and UNH is not in session. The dorms are empty.

The meeting in the MUB took place just a couple buildings away from the UNH Survey Center, where student pollsters collected the data for a new poll showing Paul in second place inNew Hampshire with more than twice the support of the third place candidates.

Paul did not disappoint his fans. Seated on stage with state campaign chairman Jim Forsythe, Paul took Q&A for about 45 minutes and then stood for pictures in a long receiving line. Anyone who wanted a handshake and a photo got one.

Most questions were directed to “Dr. Paul,” as is the custom among Paul supporters. One semi-skeptical questioner asked Paul to clarify his position concerning a nuclearIran. “All nuclear bombs scare me,” Paul said. “The danger [ofIranbecoming a nuclear power] is way overrated,”

“What if China did in the Gulf of Mexico what we’re doing inIraq?” Paul asked his audience. “We never see it from their viewpoint. We only see it from our viewpoint – somewhat distorted,” Paul explained.

Later, during a long riff touching on many usual Ron Paul themes about liberty, Paul asserted that people only think his views are “dangerous because I believe in the Constitution.” Several of his statements were met with applause from his attentive audience. The lines that got the strongest response were those expressing opposition to war.

Senator Marco Rubio has helped popularize the concept of American Exceptionalsim, the idea that America is different from other nations and uniquely good. Paul’s views are the opposite of American Exceptionalism: America is but one nation among many, and every nation has an equal right to self-determination, even when it threatens other nations.

If you agree with that, there’s your candidate., January 6, 2012

Close to 500 people attended Ron Paul's meeting.

Author: Fergus Cullen

Fergus Cullen is a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party (2007-2008) and an editorial page columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Why lookie there, at least 500 people adhering to set of principals of thou shall not take.  What next, The Republican Party adopting a few?  Why it’s a Festivus miracle!
    – C. dog shouts Hallelujah from every White Mtn top