Rochester group seeks to form militia

The Rochester chapter of the 9-12 Group has thrown itself into the spotlight, calling for formation of a state militia and espousing heated rhetoric to back the idea.

“We will be having a discussion on the formation of a militia group in NH. We will also be discussing the assaults on our constitutional rights as free citizens in America. There comes a time when the loss of your freedom becomes obvious,” read an email from meeting’s organizer Jerry DeLemus, per a Fosters report.

DeLemus continued by saying that if Americans “do not stand up against this insanity we can be sure we will fully slip into tyranny.”

In attendance at the meeting was state Rep. Dan Itse of Fremont, who previously authored legislation “establishing a permanent state defense force.” The bill didn’t move after being introduced in 2008.

Former 9-12 organizer Randy Bowen said he felt that “a lot of time and effort can be better spent,” citing “trying to change things at the ballot box” as a better means. DeLemus countered by telling Fosters that the meeting was “exploratory,” and that “the American people have gut instincts, they know something is wrong.”

According to Itse and DeLemus, such a state militia would fall under the governor’s authority. Critics of the 2008 bill countered by noting that the National Guard now falls under such scope.

“We shouldn’t fall short of their efforts,” said DeLemus, in reference to the Constitution being “produced at the expense of the blood of patriots.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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