RNC contacts 125,000 New Hampshire voters on ‘Super Saturday’

“The Romney Victory campaign in the Granite State had a tremendous weekend of volunteer activity. The debates sparked a huge increase in our volunteer numbers and voter outreach, bringing us over the 125,000 voter contact threshold for last week alone. This type of momentum and ground game is going to bring us across the finish line on November 6th.” –Tommy Schultz, Romney Victory Communications Director for New Hampshire.

This past Saturday, volunteers from across the Granite State came out to knock on doors and make phone calls in support of the Republican Victory program. The enthusiasm has skyrocketed from supporters and independents coming off of Gov. Romney’s phenomenal debate last Wednesday. Governor Romney made clear that the nation needs a real recovery, and that we cannot have 4 more years like the last 4 years. President Obama illustrated that he had a record of failure from the past 4 years, and that his second term agenda would just be a continuation of the status quo.

The Super Saturday program is a monthly event where the Romney Victory campaign tests out its Get Out The Vote operation. It works in coordination with the Republican National Committee, the Romney for President campaign, and local campaigns within the states.

This Super Saturday brought our New Hampshire voter contacts to 125,000 in the last week alone, bringing our total to nearly 1,000,000 voter contacts since Spring. Compared to 2008, the Victory program has made double the amount of phone calls and has knocked 7 times the amount of doors for this cycle. The GOP ground game is clearly strong and will be part of what brings Governor Romney to the White House.

Hundreds of volunteers packed into the Victory offices across the state to make phone calls to ID voters and persuade them to vote for Governor Romney. Dozens of new volunteers came out to support the effort as they were inspired by seeing Governor Romney display his message to nearly 70 million people during the debate. Across the country, the Victory offices have seen a 63% increase in volunteer activity compared to normal weeks. The Victory program made nearly 2.5 million voter contacts nationwide in a single day, with more than 30,000 volunteers participating.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey Mittens, while you are positioning yourself to defund a flightless yellow dodo bird, why don’t you do likewise for a flock or two of the shiny silver kind that drop eggs that go boom? Bet that would save a peso or two in borrowing from Big Bad China.
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