Revised NEC poll shows Kuster with solid lead over Garcia, other results unchanged

HENNIKER — It was the most shocking result from Wednesday evening’s New England College poll: Republican 2nd District challenger Marilinda Garcia, had suddenly, within a week’s time, moved from a nearly 12 percentage point deficit to a virtual tie with Democratic U.S. Rep. Ann Kuster.


That turned out not to be the case.


New England College amended its result on Thursday, citing a glitch in its calculations, to show Kuster leading Garcia, 50 to 39 percent, which was largely unchanged from last week’s 49.8 to 38.1 percent result.


It also recalculated its 1st District U.S. House numbers, but said the results were close to those announced on Wednesday, with GOP challenger Frank Guinta leading Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, 50.8 to 40.5 percent.


There was no change in the numbers for the statewide races, according to NEC.


In a statement the New England College Polling Institute cited “two computational errors.”


It said that it “often collects statistical data for research purposes that may or may not be included in results shared with the public. This week we polled for age and did not get enough responses in each age range to have confidence in the results. Although we disqualified this element of the poll, the CD-1 and CD-2 races inadvertently reflected inaccurate data.”


Click here for the updated poll results. Our earlier story, updated to exclude the inaccurate U.S. House results, follows.



Wednesday, Oct. 1:

HENNIKER — Today’s New England College weekly poll shows Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown  virtually tied with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. She leads 47.1 to 46.6 percent,  but that’s well within the 2.69 percent margin of error. Last week, the same poll had Shaheen leading Brown by about 7 percentage points.


The governor’s race has tightened up, too. NEC’s poll last week had Gov. Maggie Hassan ahead of Republican Walt Havenstein, 52 to 39.6 percent. Now, Hassan’s lead is 47.9 to 44.1 percent.


President Barack Obama’s approval/disapproval ratings remained steady this week, with 45 percent approving of the job he is doing and 49.8 percent disapproving.



NEC says it polled 1,331 Granite Staters. It said the party identification breakdown was 33 percent Republican, 27.6 percent Democratic and 30.7 percent independent or undeclared. Although the poll was released tonight, it was actually conducted last Friday, Sept. 26, according to NEC.


Author: John DiStaso

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  • Brian D

    Garcia is a selfish tea party scumbag. Salem hates you Marilinda!!!!

    • Fred Leonard

      they hate her so much she keeps getting reelected…and do you kiss your mother with those lips?…you be be ashamed about how you refer to a woman like this!

    • dwpittelli

      Please give us an example of her selfish scumbaggery. Otherwise someone might mistake you for some kind of hack.