Republicans hear strong anti-Obama, anti-Dem rhetoric at Manchester rally

MANCHESTER – A few hours after Hillary Clinton energized Democrats ahead of Tuesday’s election, about 400 Republicans cheered on the top of their ticket, linking all of their opponents to President Obama.


There were no out of state, national Republicans on hand but that seemed not to matter to the group at Wiggins Airways at the Manchester Airport, who greeted Scott Brown, Walt Havenstein, Frank Guinta and Marilinda Garcia as they arrived on the NHGOP “Victory Bus,” which pulled directly into the huge hangar.


The featured speakers were familiar – of the same name.


Former Gov. John H. Sununu said Democrats should be “embarrassed of their President who has failed America, who has screwed America, and we have to make a change.


“Think of how disgraceful it is to have a disgrace in the White House,” Sununu said.


“Republicans have traveled more miles than their Democratic opponents,” said former Sen. John E. Sununu, who defeated Jeanne Shaheen in 2002 before losing to her six years late.


“Republicans have held more town halls than our Democratic opponents. And this is why Republicans are going to win on Tuesday.”


New Hampshire GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn had tough words.


Insisting “this is our moment,” Horn said, “A wave just doesn’t happen. Waves happen when every single member of a cause or a movement come together.
“This is our time, we need to crush it and push their heads under over and over and over again until they cannot breathe anymore,” said Horn.


The elder Sununu said Gov. Maggie Hassan would be “dangerous if she get another term in the corner office,” said Sununu. “She loves an income tax.”


Republican Senate challenger Scott Brown urged the group to “work harder, longer. Do 100 more phone calls. Knock on  100 more doors.”


Repeating a familiar line, Brown said, “The only way we can change direction right now is to change senators….We need to make sure that Harry Reid is the minority leader.


“It’s time to take back our state. It’s time to take back America,” said Brown.


First District U.S. House candidate Frank Guinta said, “This whole team is fired up. People are angry frustrated and concerned about the direction of America. Democrats are taking people of this county in the wrong direction.


“We have two days to do talk to every single person in the state and make sure they do the right thing, not for us but for this country,” said Guinta.


“Aren’t you sick and tired ofDdemocrats in Washington following Barack Obama and Democrats in Concord proposing things like expanded Obamacare?” asked candidate for governor Walt Havenstein. Hassan, he said, “hasn’t earned it.”


“If you’re friends are not inclined to vote for us,” Havenstein said, “leave them at home.”


“I know the greatness of the United States of America and I will not surrender it to those who don’t.”


Sen. Kelly Ayotte urged the group, “Let’s not leave anything behind because we can’t afford to.” She asked the volunteers to work hard to “send me Marilinda Garcia, send me Frank Guinta, send me Scott Brown.”


Author: John DiStaso

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  • curlercan

    Typical GOP, zero issues…Message? “Just keep hating Obama and we will win” is their strategy. Jennifer Horn represents the hatred well with her sentences about pushing heads down until they can’t breathe….deranged lady!

    • Kenny

      “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” Adolph Hitler

      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” – Adolph Hitler

      Repeat after me – Obama is evil. Obama wants to take away your guns Obama wants to rape white women Obama wants to take away your God. Obama wants to take away your freedoms.

      Conservatives have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Koch brothers, Fox News, Beck, Limbaugh and other conservative talking heads. Millions of poor and middle class white people who are barely making ends meet don’t trust the black president that’s trying to save them. And have thrown their support behind the white fascist billionaires that don’t give a damn about them. You can’t make this crap up.

  • Timothy Horrigan

    Yes, Maggie Hassan loves the income tax so much, she warns her fellow Democrats at every opportunity that she would veto any income tax bill in the (unlikely) event that such a bill ever made it to her desk. For their part, the Democrats in the New Hampshire House love the income tax so much that in the past decade or so no income tax bill has ever gotten a majority of even the Democratic caucus, let alone of either the full House or full Senate.

    For his part, Walt Havenstein voluntarily accepted a transfer from New Hampshire back home to Maryland, a state which has some of the highest income taxes in the country. And Scott Brown actually sponsored at least one income tax bill while serving in the Massachusetts State Senate. In all fairness, his most recent bill wouldn’t have raised the income tax rate, but it wasn’t a repeal bill either: it simply would have tweaked the existing rates a little.

  • Aimai

    Are we talking about this John Sununu?

    December 4, 1991

    The President’s son, George W. Bush, told Mr. Sununu last week that he no longer had any political support, a message that a senior Republican today called “a hint so broad that it would be hard to miss.”

    Mr. Bush, who was traveling in Florida and Mississippi, accepted Mr. Sununu’s resignation without a grand face-saving gesture. This seemed to reflect the consensus that Mr. Sununu was responsible for several embarrassing political missteps and flip-flops and had in the final days of his tenure tried to salvage his political fortunes by turning the heat on his boss.

    Mr. Bush passed Mr. Sununu over for a departmental Cabinet position or an ambassadorship, posts for which he was considered virtually unconfirmable because of his sour relations with Congress.

    Mr. Bush also declined to guarantee Mr. Sununu even a ceremonial role in the 1992 campaign team. This omission seemed to signal the President’s wish to remove the chief of staff from his inner circle entirely at a time when Mr. Bush is increasingly eager to recover from a drop in his public approval ratings.

    Also, too:

    June 23, 1991

    The White House has imposed strict new travel rules on John H. Sununu after an internal review found that the chief of staff misinformed Administration officials about who paid for his trip on a private jet to a recent Republican fund raiser in Chicago.

    The new rules, which were issued on Friday evening, require Mr. Sununu to arrange his travel for political events through the White House Office of Administration, which will obtain transportation for him, White House officials said today. The administration office is under Mr. Sununu’s authority as chief of staff, and White House officials said the White House counsel would also review the plans before they were approved.

    I know its a small state but do people have zero memory for the reality of who has disgraced what prominent national role?

  • Jeremy Goldberg

    To NH GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn, who said: “This is our time, we need to crush it and push their heads under over and over and over again until they cannot breathe anymore”:
    Neither party is going to do that to the other party. So why don’t you grow up, stop thinking like a little boy playing video games, and learn how to work with the other side for the benefit of the country?

    • Greg Weir

      Jennifer Horn is now worse than oboma after the midterm elections. “The American public just told the republicans, they (gop), must be willing work with me”. No oboma, the American public just said, we are sick up you, so we’re going to give the other guys a shot. Yes, we can’t breathe! We can’t breathe! We can’t breathe! We can’t breathe! Notice, I’m able to say that 8 times before I die. Even though technically I didn’t die until a full 14 minutes late. oboma cleaned up the middle east, the economy turned around (yes, the 401k is flirting with 7 figures, I’m referring to the economy, job participation rate in general). Fixed Iraq, Syria, Palestine and keep Russia in check. A+ job oboma.

  • FarmFamily

    If Jennifer Horn is any indication, the New Hampshire GOP clearly does not have the character to serve the people of this fine state. Horn’s disgusting, creepy, violent rhetoric has no place in our political process.

  • Tsapp

    I like Jennifer Horn’s style. I wish she’d move to Fla. I have some questions for all you Democrap/peogressive/left wing/socialist/communist/nazis or what ever you’re calling youselves these days: Are we still in the hope and change mode? or is this the finished product, as good as it gets? In three years when we’re still fighting in the middle east will this still be Bush’s war? Ain’t the Kool-aid hangover a bitch?

  • Greg Weir

    oboma! 4 more tears!, 4 more tears! The democratic party, founded by the KKK, and the slave holders. The democrats, “Keeping blacks in their place for over 80 years!”