Republicans on track to offend everyone in New Hampshire

I’m not sure what is more troubling: The severity of recent Granite State Republican gaffes or their frequency.

This week, Republican leaders have dishonored themselves and their party by pushing a law that would require presidential candidates to produce their “long form” birth certificates to appear on the first-in-the-nation primary ballot, called for the extermination or exile of “defective people,” referred to people with disabilities “uneducatable” and pushed through committee a law that would place TSA officials on the sexual predator registry.

So far Chairman Jack Kimball, who ran on a pledge to impose discipline on a party recently brought to power on the pledge of fiscal responsibility, has not indicated that he will denounce any or all of these embarrassments. I dearly hope he does before the people in his charge can do more harm to his party and our great state.

UPDATE: GOP spokeswoman Christine Baratta, who is not Jack Kimball, sends along the follow statement: “It is never funny to joke about mental illness, disabilities and eugenics. While we support everyone’s right to free speech, Rep. Harty’s remarks are inappropriate and appalling. We respect Mr. Harty’s service to our country, but his views do not represent those of the Republican Party in any way and we disavow his statements. We know the majority of the Republican legislators are focused on fiscal issues and cleaning up the budget mess in Concord.”

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Anonymous

    Yo Shawn –
    Separate wheat from chaff, my friend. Clearly, the reason RINO’s have their noses all bent out of shape about the original birth certificate requirement is that it may dampen the flow of $’s into the Grate State of NH coffers. I wonder if this issue would be of such concern to the NH Republican Milquetoast Alliance if it were Texas implementing the requirement? Perhaps the chatter would then be how brave and principled our brethren our from the Great Republic of Texas!

    If the candidates have no problem with their citizenship pedigree, then no problemo proving that, right Shawn? By the way, how’s the search going by the Democratic Governor of Hawaii for BozObama’s birth certificate? Wasn’t he going to dispatch with all this fuss, pronto?

    And what term do you use when someone uninvited sticks their hands into your pockets or up your legs and touches – or should I say bump into – your junk? Granted, circumstances matter a lot here. Hot date, hot hands is one thing. But really, have you ever seen a hotie friskin’ the boys at the TSA gauntlet? To draw a sharper contrast, imagine them performing their sordid searches on a 6-year old. Got that image clear in your head? Good. Now call a spade a spade.

    And speaking of spade, Mr. Harty seems like he may be the beneficiary of its usefulness soon. Not to worry, his thoughts are in good company – anyone remember Margaret Sanger?
    – C. dog straightens out wayward Republicans as a rite of passage

  • sirwinston7

    You’ve heard of the Birth of The Third Reich?Where they hated everyone one, every race,and wanted to get rid of all of them. Well, sad as it is..this is the Birth of the Fourth Reich. the New Republican Tears Party

  • Mimikasper

    I’m soooooo offended. Not. But I have to say, I can’t think the birth certificate issue is front and foremost in most of our minds. I personally don’t care where to hell Obummer was born. This state should focus on the boat load of proclamations by decree coming daily from O’s administration subverting state rights.

    And Sirwinston7. Meh.

    That drama has gotten old.

  • Truth_Teller

    Is this the same Christine Baratta that was on welfare for a decade in Lowell? How did she get this job? doesn’t she work for a guy who rails against welfare?

  • Fraud Investigator

    The same Christine Baratta that was on AFDC cash welfare for a decade in Lowell? How did she get this job?

  • Guyfawkes603

    Is this the same Christine Baratta that was on welfare and living in section 8 housing for a decade in Lowell? Seems strange that she would end up working for a guy who is publically so anti-welfare.