Republican Liberty Caucus to endorse Jim Rubens for US Senate

By JOHN DiSTASO, News Editor

CONCORD — Although he is a self-described social moderate and firm believer in man-made climate change, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens will be endorsed this week by the staunchly conservative Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and the national RLC, NHJournal confirmed on Tuesday.


“Jim was grilled for two hours and they wanted to know how he felt on the issues,” said Rubens consultant James Basbas. “They were appreciative of his bold ideas, and not dodging any questions.”


The endorsement will be formalized at a news conference at the Legislative Office Building on Thursday.


RLCNH chairman Aaron Day also confirmed the endorsement, saying that while they may not agree on all issues, on key issues, Rubens is in agreement with the principles of the RLC.


Rubens believes in man-made global warming, is pro-choice on abortion, backs campaign finance reform, calling at one point for a voluntary public financing system as an alternative to the current system. He once left the GOP for the Independence Party.


Day said he and Rubens have agreed to disagree on global warming.


When he announced for the Senate, Rubens proposed a carbon tax as part of a revenue neutral plan that involves overall federal tax reform.


There is currently no mention of a carbon tax on his campaign web site, however.


He now calls for a “free-market approach” to “accelerate development” of “new and emerging clean energy sources.”


Rubens says on his web site he would end “all federal energy subsidies (including subsidies, tax preferences, and supply and production mandates) for coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, ethanol fuels, etc. Markets – not government bureaucrats or energy lobbyists – must be left free to determine which energy sources meet the varying and changing needs of energy consumers.”


He does however continue to believe “that global warming is happening and is caused mainly by human activity versus natural phenomena.”


Day said “the jury is out on that issue, but after giving it more thought, even if you believe in man-made climate change, the government is not the solution to that problem.


“His new policy involves getting the EPA out of it and getting rid of all subsidies and letting the free market do its magic. I spent oa lot of time debating him on this issue and became comfortable.”


Day said that Rubens “is an entrepreneur who has built and invested in a large number of companies over a 40-year period. He is not a career politician. He’s got a strong belief in the Constitution and he’s got the right position with respect to the Second Amendment.”


“He signed the RLCNH ‘Obamacare Pledge,’ and has the right position on that,” said Day. “He wants to reduce our taxes and has been a leader in the charter school movement – and that’s a huge issue.”


Day also said Rubens has “the right position” on military intervention — that it should occur only when Congress declares war.


“We talked to all of the (GOP) candidates” for the Senate, Day said. “I’ve actually talked to Scott Brown, but he was not willing to sign the ‘Obamacare pledge.”


Day said he has “a lot of respect for Karen Testerman and Bob Smith, but when you summarize the issues, Jim is the most closely associated” with the RLC.


One of Rubens’ chief endorsers is conservative former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey.


Day said the group has about 700 Facebook followers and said it hopes to “do a big get-out-the-vote effort” for the candidates it endorses in federal and state races.

Author: John DiStaso

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