Reid’s Senate Majority PAC begins airing new TV ad critical of Brown

By JOHN DiSTASO, News Editor


CONCORD — A new television ad began airing Thursday morning citing “news accounts” that Republican Senate Scott Brown “lobbied” GOP Senate leaders to kill Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s energy efficiency bill.


The Senate Majority Pac ad buy is expected to be at least $224,000 on WMUR in addition to New England Cable News and Comcast Sports NE (see report below). The total buy is reportedly about $350,000.


The script of the ad says: “A rare moment in Congress. A bipartisan bill readies for passage in the Senate. Jeanne Shaheen’s energy efficiency bill to create jobs and save billions supported by businesses across New Hampshire. But news accounts report that Massachusetts senator Scott Brown lobbied Republican leaders to kill the bill — hurting Shaheen and helping himself gain another Senate seat. Scott Brown just moved to New Hampshire and he’s already acting like his job is more important than yours.”


The ad concerns the dispute on Capitol Hill last week over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who heads the Senate Majority PAC, refusing to allow a vote on the Keystone pipeline as an amendment to the Shaheen bill.


Brown’s campaign has said Brown was “expressing concern that the Keystone pipeline was not going to be included in the bill,” but did not lobby against the Shaheen bill.


(Our earlier report follows.)



(Wednesday, May 21)


CONCORD—Sen. Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC is apparently ready to resume advertising against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown in New Hampshire.


GOP strategists who track media buys told Wednesday the Senate Majority back appears to be ready to be back on the air in the Granite State on Thursday with a buy of $224,000 on WMUR.


The PAC is also purchasing air time on New England Cable News and Comcast Sports New England in Boston.


Earlier this month, the PAC initially spent $212,000 on broadcast advertising and then expanded it by an additional $110,000.


That ad prompted the state Republican Party to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging the Shaheen campaign and the PAC were “illegally coordinating” information that appeared in the ad.


The Senate Majority PAC aired ads early in the year about Brown, reportedly spending $160,000 on that round.


In response to news of the ad, NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn issued a statement:


“Washington politicians are desperate to keep Shaheen’s automatic vote for the failed Obama agenda in the Senate and they are willing to do and say anything to distract from her failed record. They know that Senator Shaheen is willing to vote with President Obama 99 percent of the time so that liberal special interest groups will run more dishonest ads for her flailing reelection campaign.
“Given the obvious attempts by Senator Shaheen to coordinate her messaging with Senator Reid’s outside money group, we have no doubt that the latest dishonest ad will use more of her phony attacks. Fortunately, New Hampshire voters are smart enough to see through Shaheen’s desperate attack ads and realize that she is just another Washington politician who can’t run on her failed and unaccomplished record.”



Author: John DiStaso

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