Union official poses as press to crash NHGOP fundraiser

Catherine Broadbent D’Ambruoso is the Communications Director for the Professional Firefighters of NH, and she apparently had nothing better to do Tuesday night than “crash” the NHGOP fundraiser. 

A source told NH Journal that at Tuesday evening’s event an NHGOP official approached Ms. Broadbent D’Ambruoso because she was not properly credentialed to be in the media pool for the event coverage.  When alerted to this, Ms. Broadbent D’Ambruoso claimed that she was with the media, so the official then went to retrieve her some credentials as a courtesy.  However, when the NHGOP official returned with the credentials, Ms. Broadbent D’Ambruoso was nowhere to be found. 

Here’s the catch, Ms. Catherine Broadbent was formerly with WGIR News and is a well-known media talent in Southern New Hampshire. Ms. Broadbent D’Ambruoso is no longer with WGIR News and therefore, no longer a part of the media. Broadbent is now the Communications Director for the NH Firefighters’ Union. When NH Journal contacted Ms. Broadbent D’Ambruoso for an explanation she acknowledged she was at the event but responded, “I was just there to pass out some business cards to national media folks, no story here” and abruptly ended the phone conversation.

The attempted crash by the union official comes at a time of heightened tensions between Republicans and Labor. Republicans are looking to end or limit collective bargaining rights for state employees:

New Hampshire union protests: MyFoxBOSTON.com

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Cthulhu

    They should have just put her in a closet.

  • Bandit

    That’s just pathetic – didn’t she have anything else to do?