Updated: Pro-Elizabeth Warren activist group invites NH Democrats to coffee


Updated, Sunday, Dec. 21:

A progressive activist group that is strongly supportive of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is reaching out to Democratic leaders and activists in New Hampshire this weekend.
Progressive Change Campaign Committee organizer Don Weigel emailed New Hampshire Democrats inviting them to coffee in Portsmouth on Saturday and in Manchester on Sunday. State Democrats received two emails from Weigel – – one Saturday and one Sunday.


The PCCC is the same group that organized a protest outside of Citibank earlier this week against the derivatives deregulation provision that Congressed added to its $1.1 trillion spending bill. Warren led the fight in the Senate against the measure.


PCCC has been described as “the liberal issues group most closely affiliated with” Warren, but it is not formally part of the “Run Warren Run” movement being spearheaded by MoveOn.org with the backing of Democracy for America. Green told Politico this week PCCC wants to “impact the field.”


In the Saturday email to New Hampshire Democrats, Weigel of the PCCC writes: “I’d like to buy you coffee and get your thoughts on how progressives can exert leverage in the New Hampshire primary to incentivize all Democratic candidates for President to campaign on Elizabeth Warren’s big economic populism ideas.”


Weigel invited the Granite Staters to coffee in Portsmouth on Saturday and to the Manchester Starbucks on South Willow Street on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m.


In the Sunday email, Weigel wrote the group had a “great meeting” in Portsmouth. He write that in Manchester, “We’ll be talking about what progressives can do during the New Hampshire primary to get all Democratic presidential candidates to campaign on Elizabeth Warren’s big economic populism ideas — like breaking up ‘”too big to fail’ banks.


Earlier this month PCCC co-founder Adam Green told ABC News, “We’re organizing in New Hampshire to ensure that all Democratic candidates for president are pressed to actively campaign on an Elizabeth Warren-style agenda of big economic-populist ideas. Big ideas like expanding Social Security benefits, reforming Wall Street, and making college more affordable are wildly popular in red, blue, and purple states — and are the path to primary and general election victory for Democrats.”


MoveOn and DFA this week held an organizing meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, and plan to hold a similar meeting in New Hampshire in the coming weeks, spokesmen for the groups have told the New Hampshire Journal.


The Ready for Hillary PAC has been organizing and holding meetings, coffees and house parties in New Hampshire for nearly a year, preparing for the likelihood that Clinton will run for president


Warren has insisted she is not running for president.



Author: John DiStaso

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