Pro-Brown PAC goes up with TV, web ads hitting Shaheen

Monday evening, Aug. 25:

CONCORD — A super PAC supporting Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate will begin a six-figure television ad buy Tuesday charging that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen “has changed” and is not as independent as she was when she served as governor.


CNN reported this afternoon that the Independent Leadership for New Hampshire  will air an ad featuring Jennifer Nunez, a registered Republican voter from Gilford.



In the ad, Nunez says, “I voted for Jeanne Shaheen as governor but I would not vote for her again. I don’t feel like Jeanne Shaheen is helping people like me. How do you vote with Barack Obama 99 percent of the time and still say you’re an independent? I feel like Jeanne Shaheen has changed and the middle class has paid the price.”



Earlier today, the conservative publication Washington Free Beacon reported that the same group is beginning web advertising questioning Shaheen’s  support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas. See that report below.


As CNN reported, Independent Leadership for New Hampshire is being run by Granite State-based GOP strategist Patrick Hynes. Hynes is a founder and a former co-owner of the New Hampshire Journal. He sold his shares of the Journal in April.



(Our earlier report follows.)


Monday, Aug. 25:


CONCORD – A pro-Scott Brown New Hampshire-based political action committee is taking its first action in the U.S. Senate race with a digital ad that questions Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas.



A digital ad with a five-figure buy by Independent Leadership for New Hampshire contends Shaheen “can’t be trusted on Israel.”


The ad bases the accusation in part on her  receipt of $4,300 in contributions from the J Street PAC, a liberal, self-described pro-Israeli advocacy group and political action committee that has been labeled “radical” by conservatives and “well-respected” by a top state Democrat.


Shaheen earlier this month was criticized by the state Republican Party for taking the contribution from the group, which has said Israel should move quickly to find a long-term solution to its conflict with Hamas because failure to do so “is eating away at support for Israel around the world, damaging the country’s legitimacy and, in some cases, fanning growing flames of anti-Semitism.”


The state GOP called on her to return the contribution. It also called on Reps. Ann Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter to return much larger contributions they received from the J Street PAC.

A top state Democrat responded to the NHGOP demand, “It is shameful that the New Hampshire Republican Party has resorted to attacking a respected Jewish organization. It’s no wonder their imported candidates are floundering in the polls.”



According to the Washington Free Beacon, which first reported on the ad earlier today, the digital ad by the PAC will run for 10 days on news and social media sites and may run on television in the future.



The treasurer of the Independent Leadership for New Hampshire PAC is Patrick Hynes, a founder and former co-owner of the New Hampshire Journal. Hynes sold his shares of the Journal in April.


Author: John DiStaso

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