Primary analysis, results: Garcia, Havenstein exceed expectations

With the primaries in the rear view mirror, here’s a look back at some of the more interesting developments as the returns rolled in.


Of all the winners in the Tuesday GOP primaries, Marilinda Garcia was the biggest winner. While most prognosticators picked her to win, her margin of victory was unexpectedly huge.


According to the latest results from New Hampshire Public Radio, with 98 percent of the vote counted, Garcia beat Gary Lambert, 49 to 27 percent, with 19 percent for Jim Lawrence.


Garcia lost her home town of Salem, where she is unpopular due to her opposition to expanded gambling. The margin was 1,304 for Lambert and 1,021 for Garcia.


Yet, Garcia beat Lambert in his home city of Nashua, 2,391 to 2,269. And she crushed him in Concord, 1,43 to 668; in Keene, 533 to 262; in Franklin, 310 to 148; in Claremont, 406 to 239; and in Berlin, 188 to 98.


She also defeated Lawrence in Lawrence’s home town of Hudson, 887 to 554 with 488 for Lambert.
The 1st District U.S. House primary between Frank Guinta and Dan Innis was slightly closer than most prognosticators had anticipated. According to the NHPR numbers, it was Guinta with 49 percent to 41 percent for Innis.


Guinta, as expected, won big in his home city of Manchester, 3,733 to 2,764, but Innis did better than expected in Bedford, where the tally was 1,523 for Guinta and 1,354 for Innis. In other key communities, Guinta won in Derry, 1,332 to 1,032; in Londonderry, 1,293 to 762; in Merrimack, 1,290 to 884; and in Hooksett, 742 to 601.


At the Seacoast, in Innis’ home territory, Innis won in his home city of Portsmouth, 744 to 475; in Rye, but only by 393 to 364. But Guinta won in Hampton, 791 to 699, as well as in North Hampton 316 to 272; and Hampton Falls, 169 to 157. Innis did win in Stratham, where he had the support of Doug and Stella Scamman, 520 to 335.


Guinta was strong in the Lakes Region, including Laconia, where he won, 725 to 599.
U.S. Senate


Scott Brown’s victory was exactly at the level he needed to mitigate any claims by Democrats that he goes into the general election as a weakened candidate. Neutral observers said he needed to achieve the 50 percent mark, and that is exactly what he did – garnering 50 percent of the vote to 23 percent each for Jim Rubens and Bob Smith.


Just as a couple of examples of the size of Brown’s win, in Manchester he received 3,401 votes to 1,717 for Smith and 1,678 for Rubens. In Nashua, Brown received 3,382 to 1,201 for Smith and 999 for Rubens.


Walt Havenstein exceeded expectations and set aside concerns that there was a lack of enthusiasm about his campaign and a possibility of an upset by Andrew Hemingway.


Havenstein won, 55 to 37 percent, and won big just about everywhere. In Manchester, he won, 3,983 to 2,567; in Nashua, he won, 3,563 to 1,689; in Concord, it was 1461 to 1117 and in Portsmouth, 756 to 351.


Hemingway, from Bristol, beat Havenstein, from Alton, 694 to 643 in Laconia.


In other key races:


Executive Council


_ In the District 4 Executive Council GOP primary, Bob Burn beat Jim Adams, 59 to 41 percent


_ In the District 5 Executive Council Democratic primary, Diane Sheehan defeated Jennifer Daler 59 to 41 percent.


_ In the District 5 Executive Council Republican primary, David Wheeler defeated Steve Hattamer, 71 to 29 percent.


State Senate


Here are the results of the state Senate primaries:


_ District 15 Democratic: Dan Feltes over Kass Ardinger, 70 to 30 percent


_ District 2 Republican: Sen. Jeanie Forrester beat Tim Condon, 71 to 29 percent


_ District 8 Republican: Jerry Little over J.P. Marzullo, 69 to 31 percent


_ District 11 Republican: Gary Daniels won with 39 percent, followed by Maureen Mooney with 31 percent, Dan Hynes with 16 percent and Dan Dwyer with 14 percent


_ District 12 Republican: Kevin Avard over Michael McCarthy, 54 to 46 percent


_ District 16 Republican: Sen. David Boutin over Rep. Jane Cormier, 54 to 46 percent


_ District 18 Republican: Rep. George Lambert over Robyn Dunphy, 57 to 43 percent


_ District 19 Republican: Rep. Regina Birdsell won with 40 percent, followed by Jim Foley with 31 percent and Rep. Frank Sapareto with 29 percent


_ District 21 Republican: Phil Nazarro won with 53 percent, followed by Peter Macdonald with 28 percent and Dennis Lamare with 19 percent


_ District 24: Sen. Nancy Stiles over Steve Kenda, 67 to 33 percent



Author: John DiStaso

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