Poll shows Shaheen leading Brown by 8 points

With Republican Scott Brown formally in the U.S. Senate race against Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen, a new poll released late Thursday shows Shaheen leading Brown by 8 percentage points.


The poll by Public Policy Polling for the League of Conservation Voters showed Shaheen leading Brown, 49 to 41 percent with 10 percent undecided.


The survey was conducted April 7-8 and polled 1,034 New Hampshire voters.


A separate poll released Thursday night by the Unversity of New Hampshire Survey Center for WMUR television showed Shaheen leading Brown 45 to 39 percent with 14 percent undecided.


In the Public Policy Poll, voters were split on Shaheen’s job performance, with 47 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving.

Brown was “under water” in favorability, with 35 percent viewing him favorably and 49 percent unfavorably.


Also 61 percent of those polled said they woujld be less likely to vote for a candidate who had voted to “provide billions of dollars in tax breaks to oil companies,” while 10 percent said it would make them more likely and 25 percent said it would make no difference. This is one of the lines of attack the Shaheen campaign and her supporter have been making against Brown.


Brown’s first ad of the campaign was released this morning. The 30-second ad is positive, entitled “Listening and Learning.”

Author: John DiStaso

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  • Van Mosher

    Not much of a poll if it focuses on oil and nothing on Obamacare. Sounds like the Democrats are scared.

    • joebuilder

      Yes indeed. Latest WMUR poll has gap a 6 points.

    • spcd4

      One can only hope that Scottie “Teabagger” Brown WILL open his mouth on the Affordable Care Act……..he has nothing positive to contribute in any facet of any issue……..go ahead Scottie……..start talking……and watch the gap go to double digits………..idiot !

  • bill

    Has Brown already won the primary? Nothing like making all the other candidates irrelevant main stream media!! Shaheen is a liar just like her leader and that should be the reality of it. Look at her voting record and what she has said about the “Affordable Care Act.” What has she done that was her own idea and not her parties? What has she done to call out the president on all the scandals that have happened? Many questions which I am sure she will not answer.

  • spcd4

    Bring on the teabaggers………they have nothing but lies and misinformation……the voters of New Hampshire are smarter than that……..you’ll never see another republican majority in this state……..republicans can’t be trusted to speak the truth……and their only agenda is to take care of the money machines that give to their campaigns…….we are done with you………and Scottie………find another state……like Massachusetts…….we don’t want you here either !!!

    • Tim Condon

      LOL, a Democrat accusing Republicans of lying is like a germ accusing antibiotics of causing disease. This idiot, whoever s/he is, certainly reflects what the Democrats are all about (while Shaheen get the “Lie of the Year” award below). This year, “JUST VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

  • Ed Holdgate

    We in New Hampshire who are genuine conservative Republicans (libertarian-minded, TEA-party oriented, fed up Payroll Patriots) know what a farce Scott Brown really is. His own words reveal how incompatible he is with New Hampshire. (#1) When asked why he is running he always always always yaps about how messed up Washington is, how America needs to get back on track, how much damage Obama has done, blah blah blah. Scott Brown never once from all I have seen (and it has been a lot!) said he wants to defend New Hampshire’s interests and/or champion the people — esp. us taxpayers — in New Hampshire. His orientation is national level politics, where all the glory and a future presidential run is, not New Hampshire. (#2) When pressured to actually talk about New Hampshire, and his carpet bagging, he always refers to “coming up here” and “I now live up here.” That reveals his true home frame of reference is not “here” but “up here” with respect to whence he came: “down there” in Marxachusetts. (#3) Scott Brown has a talent for parsing words. We New Hampshire conservatives always always always hear Scott Brown meticulously say he agrees a lot with the “TEA party’s fiscal agenda” or our “fiscal” goals. He purposefully offends those of us who are fiscal-and-social conservatives. (#4) Scott Brown is obviously an “Establishment” Republican through and through. He always always always talks as if the contest is between him and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, wholly ignoring — offending really — that tedious little process known as a Primary. That means he perceives our Republican Primary votes as irrelevant; a done deal, and that is insulting to all of us Republicans. (Bottom Line) Scott Brown is disqualified to represent New Hampshire because, while his body is walking around here, his heart is not here.