Poll: Romney, Gingrich in statistical dead heat in N.H.

Two things are true about New Hampshire Republican primary voters. They vote for people they know. And they love an underdog with a comeback story.

Four years ago it was the weathered but feisty veteran John McCain who revived his once hanging-by-a-thread campaign to win the nation’s leadoff primary.

And so it seems almost fated that after political observers have scratched their heads for months wondering who will emerge as the non-Romney candidate in the Granite State, the voters’ eyes should turn to Newt Gingrich, a man who was Speaker of the House during the previous century and whose own campaign was left for dead last summer.

The latest NH Journal poll of likely Republican primary voters conducted by Magellan Strategies shows Romney and Gingrich in a statistical dead heat for the January 10th primary. If the election were held today, Romney would earn 29% of the vote and Gingrich would earn 27%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to show resolve by earning 16%. Herman Cain gets 10%. No other candidate is in double digits.

This is the first time any of NH Journal’s polls have shown anyone candidate even close to Romney. It also shows tremendous movement for Gingrich since NH Journal’s October survey, in which Gingrich was in third place, but at only 10% versus Romney’s 41%.


When asked why people felt Gingrich was moving up in the polls, 44% of respondents cited his depth of knowledge on the issues. Ten percent referred to his strong debate performances while another 6% said they liked that he was challenging the media in those debates. Ten percent referenced his past experience as Speaker of the House.

A close look at the data shows Gingrich is actually leading Romney among certain important subgroups of the electorate. Among self-identified conservative voters, Gingrich beats Romney 34%-27%. Among self-identified tea party voters, he leads Romney 38%-21%.

However, Romney has a wide lead over Gingrich among Undeclared voters, who give the former Massachusetts Governor 29% over Paul’s 19% and Gingrich’s 18%. There is also a significant gender gap for both Romney and Gingrich. Romney beats Gingrich 33%-22% among women while Gingrich defeats Romney 32%-24% among men.

The tightening of the race should not be understood as a rejection of Romney, however. He remains the most popular candidate in the field with a public image that is 60% favorable and 32% unfavorable. Gingrich is close with 59% saying they have a favorable view of him while 31% have an unfavorable view. Romney is also considered to have a political organization in New Hampshire that is vastly superior to the other candidates.


The once-ascendant candidacy of former pizza magnate Herman Cain is now on the rocks. Cain is stalled out on the ballot and his public image is now upside down (51% U / 39% F). Driving that are recent accusations by former employees that Cain sexually harassed them. Forty-six percent of respondents said the accusations made them less likely to support him. Only 23% said they made it more likely they would support him.

The results cap off a disastrous week for Cain in the Granite State. On Thursday, Cain took heat for cancelling an important editorial board meeting on Thursday with the powerful publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader Joe McQuaid.

The survey of 746 likely Republican primary voters was conducted on November 15th and November 16th, 2011. This survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.59% at the 95 percent confidence interval.

New Hampshire 2012 GOP Presidential Primary Survey Topline Results 111711

New Hampshire 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Survey Presentation 111711

New Hampshire 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Survey Crosstabs 111711[1]

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • http://twitter.com/MaxTwain Max Twain

    Yikes. The NH Journal just discredited itself for a long time.  It will take years to repair the damage of promoting this silly outlier to the integrity of the Journal. 

    • XCPD

      If you are in the Romney camp you can keep deluding yourself. With effectively 16 more days to campaign (Christmas and TG breaks and festivities not considered) this electorate is finally settling on Gingrich. This is the last and decisive movement taking place right now.

      • Anonymous

        One RINO for another! 

        People should be ashamed of themselves!

        Cain is the real conservative in this race!

      • Anonymous

        If all conservatives would get behind Gingrich NOW — we could see some  decisive EARLY success and coalescing behind someone who is experienced (some say that’s a negative) at how Washington works.  Gingrich IS NOT PERFECT – but he has shown he cares about this country — (which is more than we can say about our current Commander in Chief) and his solutions (www.newt.org) are substantive and would be effective.  And whoa I’d love to see Newt kick Obama’s butt in a debate…….

    • XCPD

      …And BTW, yesterday’s published Rasmussen Iowa poll shows Gingrich is breaking this race open.This poll, even though done is NH, is just confirming that early state voters are moving to Gingrich. Romney played it safe all the way and this is what he gets for doing that

  • http://twitter.com/ReasonableViews Reasonable Views

    Gingrich has made up as much ground in a week or two as any candidate since…..Cain.  Already the articles discrediting him are out in full force—not hard to do.  The question is whether voters value his knowledge enough to overcome the piles of baggage http://bit.ly/u7uj1A

  • http://twitter.com/MaxTwain Max Twain

    A poll yesterday had Romney at 40, Gingrich at 11.  Does the NH Journal really want to be remembered as the unreliable outliers?

    • Newt2012 in NC

      The 40 – 11 poll was conducted 5 days earlier.  Newt has made similar moves in Iowa, California and New Jersey.  You have to look at the date range of the poll so you don’t compare apples to oranges.

  • Anonymous

    The trouble with a Newt is that it is Washington itself that needs a total fumigating and you simply can’t clean a garbage can using maggots as the cleanser.

    Sarah was it, but the GOP and the left feared her honesty and reformist soul enough to destroy her before she announced.

    If half of America still wants Obama after the destruction he’s done to it -then it matters not who wins -it’s over for Democracy and freedom and the victor is the socialist nanny state that is disintergrating before our eyes in Europe.

    The game for power is to be the government -dirty old man offering candy to the little kids and they will follow (vote for you) to their own destruction. What is the candy? Well try; free lunches, guilt free sloth, guilt free abortion, sexual perversion, man as god religion, envy of the successful, earth worship, a permenant victim class, propaganda as education, union power, green powerlessness, politics as science, entertainment as news, and the total moral corruption of a Godless society.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HN2WP7DSYOOEXZKS6KV4XCFMGY KevinC

      The catch-22 is this:
      A reformer has to know how to reform, i.e. how to get things done in government. An idealist with no knowledge of government process or procedure is a tiger with no teeth, and will be easily brushed aside by congress, and made a fool of by the media. Altruism and lofty speeches are his/her guide.

      A candidate like Gingrich is associated with old-school politics and may not desire to turn government on it’s head, but he knows the process of legislation so well that he can map out exactly what has to happen to push forward an agenda, not necessarily reform. Experience and results are his guide.

      Which scenario lands us in a better place? That’s a question for smarter people than I…

      • Anonymous

        It’s Gingrich’s agenda that is scary. He’s all over the map, and he won’t cut a single dime from the budget – our most pressing political issue.

        • Anonymous

          it’s possible Newt has “turned over a new leaf” and after meeting with him about six times (in Iowa) I’ve seen him show real commitment to cutting our national debt and reforming our judiciary, among other REALLY needed reforms.  if you haven’t read his plan yet — you should. http://www.newt.org  And while I’m most often a skeptic about ALL politicians, I think Newt (even with his baggage) is  rising to the top of the heap – as being someone who is just about as SICK AND TIRED of the way Washington D.C. DOESN’T work — as Americans are.  [after all — since leaving office — he started his own business and got to see FIRST HAND what kind of crap we hand small-business owners…and I think he has an inkling of “getting it” finally]…though he still has a streak of an academic that often shows he’s the smartest guy in the room.  I’m still undecided — but am leaning toward Newt as my choice….

          • Anonymous

            I went to his site like you recommended but I didn’t see a budget plan that would cut anything. Is it somewhere on his site?

            One thing that needs to be considered about Newt is that for a long long time he was part of the problem. These guys have no compunction to lie right to your face and tell you what you want to hear.

            You must look at the record as it is in a man’s past that we determine how he’ll be in the future.

            There is no one, including Newt, who is really any good. You have to look at who is honest, believes in following law, and has a fundamental understanding of the economy. Economically is where Newt is the weakest and I’d disagree with the notion that he’s turned over a new leaf. He’s the same guy he was 2 years ago working with Sharpton and Pelosi for liberal agendas, I don’t see any difference now. He deeply believes in the Health Care Mandate, and while condemning Obama care publicly, he’s endorsed it in his book. All he’s done is change his message to fit the audience.

            As far as him rising to the top in these most recent polls, I don’t buy it. This is all media hype – just like Bachmann, Perry, & Cain. They all fell and Newt, once people really research his record, his indictments, and what is lobbyist business actually does, they will see through the crap.

            I give it to you, he is smart, smart as a whip. But for someone as intelligent as he is, he constantly does the dumbest things. And Newt’s problem is not his intellect, but his moral fiber. It’s not his ability to debate an issue it’s his inability to remain convicted on a position in the face of opposition.

            That back and forth jockeying is not a strength but a weakness.

            Just research “27 reasons against Newt” – theres a ton of information not advertised to the public in there about him.  

          • Anonymous

            sadly they removed the whole list from the web site (sorry) maybe it’s getting too lengthy… here’s a link to download it:  http://www.newt.org/contract/download

            Look for the part about implementing Lean Six Sigma – which has been used by private successful corporations for decades — and has saved the D.O.D. over $1 Billion per year using L.S.S.  Newt will implement it over all branches of the Federal Government — and I believe he’ll return more power to the states where it’s supposed to be in the first place.

          • Anonymous

            I read it.

            No budget.

            The good stuff that is in there – like the 10th amendment he got from Ron Paul’s platform.

            #6 wont work because it requires more government to implement it. Keeping unwanted people out while allowing the lawful ones to come on requires a system of burecrats, and bigger government. Background checks, blah blah blah. Legalize drugs and the problem is solved and we save a ton of money in the process. It worked with beer and liquor, there is no reason it wont work with pot. Plus hemp farmers will have a new revenue stream. It’s a great product for clothes, chemo treatment, rope etc etc.

            #5 Says it all. He says: “The biggest key to reducing the deficit is robust economic growth.”
            Which is not true. The biggest key to reducing the deficit is to cut spending. There is no plan to do that in this proposal. Near the end of the document he mentions Paul Ryan’s plan as a good outlay, but does not commit to it. He mentions the plan in his proposal but he just called it “Right Wing Engineering” not but a few months ago.

            In fact after reading it again, he commits to absolutely nothing in this proposal.

            #3 He wants to “increase government revenues” – says it right there. Black and white. He wants to cut nothing.

            #2 The President cannot “reform” the Federal Reserve. It’s a private bank. It’s like the President saying that he is going to reform Apple Computers. It’s not the presidents role. Congress can end it with legislation. Congress has limited oversight. And Congress has the ability under the Constitution to coin American money and set the value. But otherwise, the President does not play a role in that exchange.

            If he wants people to believe him he needs to say and pledge that he’ll veto any unbalanced budget that comes across his desk and will veto any discretionary spending. Otherwise, his words and this proposal, are simply hot air.

            This is not a proposal. It’s talking points. I’m glad that you showed this to me. I ma much more convinced now about the illegitimacy of Gingrich.

            It’s all fluff and no numbers.

          • Anonymous

            things in “quote marks” are directly from the link / download of Newt’s plan:

            #1 Repeal Obama-care and replace it with “free market framework for healthcare””healthcare for all with no individual mandate or employer mandate of any kind”

            #2″ tax cuts and regulatory reforms that will free American entrepreneurs to invest and hire… with an optional flat tax”….”repeal Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley”….

            #3 reform our energy policy (too much good stuff to summarize here)

            #5 what part of “Balance the Federal Budget” didn’t you read there — it’s RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE….he goes on to say “pass a balanced budget amendment to keep it balanced…”  …so I’d gather he’d veto any un-balanced budget based on these promises….

            geesh…need I go on?  I’m starting to wonder if you read the same document I did….?

            if he got any more SPECIFIC on what he’d do….I can’t imagine how he’d do it!

            If you have your mind made up — that’s fine — but don’t pretend to be objective if you’re not please.

            I am honestly still undecided – and Newt is in my top three….and re-reading it again has just made Newt go up another notch on my list….

          • Anonymous

            Well vote for him if your minds made up. But read that article from Western Journalism listed in this tread.

            I don’t like him. And won’t vote for him because of his record.

            Perhaps we’re not looking at the same record.

            It doesn’t matter what they say anymore. It matters what they’ve done.

          • Anonymous

            Also check out “The real Newt Gingrich”

          • Anonymous
      • http://twitter.com/sjh2222 IWantFacts

        Actually, I think Dr Paul is a better choice. He understands how gov’t works or doesn’t work. He has never voted to increase taxes. He has always voted for the Constitution and cannot be bought! He has been married to thesame lady 50+ years and raised kids who know about personal responsibility. 

        He is a man of faith who says Life begins at conception. As an OB/GYN Dr Paul Has delivered over 4000 bouncing baby girls & boys. How’s that for PRO-LIFE! 

        His foreign policy reflects our place in the world and our Constitution and our Morals. Dr Paul says you go to Congress to get a Declaration of War first. Then you go to war. Then you WIN the war and COME HOME!! And the problem with his Foreign Policy is what?? Please take the time to go to his website. 

        This is going to be the most important election in decades and it will point to how our country goes forward.  Dr Paul says we cannot protect people from themselves. We cannot fund a person’s life cradle to grave. Personal responsibility is high on Dr Paul’s view of Government interference. It is what our country has been about. An individual works hard, chooses how he would like his life to go.  His success does NOT give the government the right to take money from him and give it to somebody else.

        His ISSUES page lays out his beliefs on many other topics. Consider our sovereign nation then please support Dr Paul, for the Love of Country! 

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K66QQSICLSOVG77JKU2FE3ZKCQ Raylen

          For the love of country is the exact reason to oppose Ron Paul. His foreign policy will destroy our country. Advocating Iran having nuclear weapons is a prime example of Paul’s idiotic foreign policy. I’m sure Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would love to see Paul in the White House. Anything Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would find good must be bad for the rest of the world.

          • Anonymous

            Ron Paul advocates a strong national defense. Secure borders, strong air force/navy, stringent immigration policy, and SDI. That’s all the defense we’ll ever need. But you keep advocating that the government borrow and print money in order to fund the search for new enemies.

          • Anonymous

            Priceless comment.  Just where do I go to read about Dr. Paul advocating for Iran to add nukes to its arsenal?  I’m waiting …
            – C. dog throws down the glove

    • Scott Burden

      Crumbling socialist Europe? You must be completely ignorant. The most socialized states in Europe, the Scandinavian countries, Holland, Finland and to lesser extend Germany, are fricking light years ahead of us on personal income, personal wealth, education, infrastructure, healthcare, budget deficit, personal debt…you name the category and they are far, far ahead. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I served for 4 years in Germany as an MSG and I can tell you firsthand that coming back here from Germany looks like traveling to Tijuana from San Diego.

      We are just completely behind and it isn’t because of Socialism. That’s for sure. Americans who haven’t been to Scandinavia have no idea what an advanced Western society looks like.

      • Anonymous

        How’s Greece doing???  Why did Greece collapse again?  Could it have been because of liberal socialist policies??

        Italy is not far behind.  Spain has lost billions on phony green jobs. 

        How do you think Germany feels having to subsidize Greece and Italy for not living within their means? 

        The US has been the most successful country due to the free market.  That’s why people flock here and risk their lives sneaking across our borders. 

        If Europe is so great btw, then why didn’t YOU stay there??

        • http://indie-voice.com indie-voice.com

          Love it or leave it, pal. Boot up your ass and all such nonsense. YEEHAW! 

          Oops, forgot to vote! Hyuck!

      • Jim Starkweather

        Yeah but I don’t really want to live in a 500 sq ft. flat that costs $750,000, ride buses/trains to work, and pay more than half my income in taxes. Sorry would rather be free to make my own choices and not have government decide for me how I can live.  

      • NotQuite

        I really only had time to research one of your examples, but I would assume the remaining are just as inaccurate.

        Light years ahead?  Holland, I assume you mean the Netherlands since (North &south) Holland are just a provinces.

        Personal income:  Netherlands is either $100 ahead of us or $300 behind, dpending on which list you look at.  Hardly ‘light years’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)_per_capita

        Socialist?  On the Index of Economic Freedom Netherlands is the 13th most free market capitalist economy, “basic institutions that protect the liberty of individuals to pursue their own economic interests result in greater prosperity for the larger society” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index_of_Economic_Freedom

        Education:  Our highly intrusive DOE has spent billions and now we are ranked 13th, behind Netherlands 7th. http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/dec/07/world-education-rankings-maths-science-reading

        Household debt:  (2008 were latest numbers I could find) US – 135% debt as percentage of disposable income…Netherlands 246%. – http://curiouscapitalist.blogs.time.com/2008/02/07/americans_arent_the_only_peopl/

        Infrastructure:  25% of the Country is below sea level.  I would hope their infrastructure is at least DECENT!

      • Anonymous

        Ive lived in several european countries including Norway for 2.5 years.  You cant compare them to the US.  Norway produces 4% of the worlds oil, yet only has 4 million citizens.  That’s what pays for all the nice infrastructure you see.  Actually, our SUV’s have us paying for all that nice infrastructure.  Funny how they are flush with oil money, yet they are taxed at a 50% rate.  I’ll take our system any day.  Now if we would go tap our reserves and produce 20% of the worlds oil, we might get to keep some of that infrastructure money for ourselves and educate our population better so they can grow up as critical thinkers and quit advocating for the freedom of caribou instead of people.

    • Deutisch

      I am guessing you have mental problems. 

    • Anonymous

      actually you can clean a garbage can with maggots.  They eat garbage.

  • Hglaske

    The issue of “baggage” should be moot. Obama’s got a ton of baggage, the media just never addresses it – because that would be racist, of course. His antics in Chicago are downright disgusting. But you’ll never hear about them. If everything about obama were laid on the table, he’d be in prison.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Obama has done stuff that is shady so we should be able to nominate somebody that is shady. Someone that screwed Freddie for over a Million Dollars (which is the same as screing the American Taxpayers) and it seems to me like it is okay to sweep it under th rug cuz Obama has been up to no good too. Let’s not woory about the affairs either because we know that JFK and Clinton has guilt in that area as well…

      Shoot for Family Values and a high Moral Code ??? Nah, wejust need to be a little better. Go Newt.

      • http://indie-voice.com indie-voice.com

        Too bad there’s not a military veteran peace candidate who’s never flip flopped and doesn’t need to get his D wet with every DC lobby ho to prove he’s a real man. 

        We could use a candidate like that. 

        • straw55

          Actually there is, Look up Ron Paul,and his voting record.

  • Anonymous

    Note to journalists: stop using the meaningless phrase “statistically dead heat” to describe poll results. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Anon

      They always have a word they overuse. They take their queue from whatever famous dem there is.

    • Carrieanne Holly

      Statistical dead heat refers to a poll’s Margin of Error.  Whatever the MoE is, one can add or subtract it from percentage results.  “This survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.59% at the 95 percent confidence interval.”  Thus, one can add or subtract 3.59% to the 29% and 27%.  Because the difference is only 2% (well within the MoE) the candidates are in a statistical tie.  If I’m not mistaken, the 95% confidence level means if this survey was conducted 100 times the results would be the same 95% of the time.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m amazed at how fickle people are!  15 year old allegations give them an unfavorable view of Cain?  What about Newt’s infidelity.  More importantly what about’s Newt’s troubling track record of abandoning conservative principles?  Newt is a professional politician! 

    Cain is the best conservative in this race who can beat Romney!  Cain is not a professional politician, he’s an outsider, a businessman with a history of solving problems.  His 999 plan will lead to a great economic growth.

    Support a real conseravative and get on the Cain Train!

    • Anonymous

      * Cain’s “999” means 27% tax (no thanks, that’s an increase for some)
      * I didn’t like Cain’s “smoking” ad — sends the wrong message to kids
      * Cain hired Mark Block to run his campaign – who settled out of court for election fraud years ago
      * Cain isn’t interested in cutting spending at all….he was in favor of raising the debt ceiling
      * Cain talks a good talk (is the most likable candidate to meet) but lacks a voting record to know if his actions would follow his well crafted words
      I don’t trust him

      • Anonymous

        There’s a hidden tax to Cain’s 999 plan. Its an employer VAT tax of 9%.

        It’s actually 4 nines. 

        Cain is proposing the 999-9 plan.

  • Real1

    NEWT really the big washington insider.  The biggest washington insider next to Obomney.  That is not what we need to change washington.  Wake up America the lib media is choosing our canidate AGAIN.      There is only that the media and the washinton Karl Roves of the world dont want and that is HERMAN CAIN.  WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Whatever

    Paul is going to win Iowa and Nevada and that will bump his numbers in NH.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K66QQSICLSOVG77JKU2FE3ZKCQ Raylen

      hopefully there’s not that many stupid voters

      • Anonymous

        If by stupid you mean people who expect politicians to abide by the Constitution, then yes Ron Paul supporters are stupid. That must make you “smart”.

        • Anonymous

          How would allowing Iran to have “nukes” be abiding by the Constitution?  The Constitution calls for defending our borders.

          • http://indie-voice.com indie-voice.com

            China has nukes.

            Pakistan has nukes.

            Israel has nukes.

            Russia has more nukes than we do, which is saying a ton. 

            Shall I prepare the drones, Mr. President?

    • Anonymous

      if Ron Paul wins Iowa, NH or anywhere else….it will just delay and muddy the process of getting to the actual nominee….and could force us into a candidate no one really wants (think John McCain)….  While Newt has his baggage – certainly….he may be the best candidate for everyone to get behind EARLY…he has met with Tea Party leaders across the country and seems to sincerely CARE about the direction in which this country is going.  No, he’s not perfect…but EVERY candidate has issue(s) that will have to be overlooked.   Given the current crop of candidates….we could do a lot WORSE than Gringrich….and Romney would only be “Obama-lite” with a prettier face and no teleprompter.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jason.burns.mobile Jason Burns

    We will win this!  http://r3voluti0n.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-De-Jong/643057393 Nick De Jong

    It is great to see @JonHuntsman gaining ground. In a month and a bit, he’s gonna rock the boat. Go Jon Huntsman!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XOJVCX7SE4IENAGGBCMF6PHBGE Ferris Wheeler

    They’re running out of flavors.  After Newt’s done in a couple weeks who is next?

  • http://twitter.com/sjh2222 IWantFacts

    Dr Paul’s Foreign Policy:CONSTITION SAYS, GET DECLARATION of WAR FROM CONGRESS,  GO TO WAR,  WIN IT & COME HOME!  Problem with that is What?? RonPaul2012

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K66QQSICLSOVG77JKU2FE3ZKCQ Raylen

      No problem with that it’s the rest of his foreign policy that’s lunacy, non-interventionist’/isolationism, what ever you want to call it, was a great idea when there was less than million people in the U.S. and less than 800 Million in the world, makes no sense when there 7 billion. If we withdraw from the foreign arena who will take our place China, Russia, Iran?   Don’t think I like the alternative. Iran with nucs, yea like that’s a good idea.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds just like the left wing’s foreign policy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Williams/1790763922 Craig Williams

        It’s not ‘whatever you want to call it’ terminalogy. Words represent concepts. Isolationism is what we practice with Iran and Cuba. Intervention is what we practice in Iraq, Afganistan, and now Libya. Trade is what we practice with everybody else including Russia and China, which are countries that are potentially 60,000 times more capable of killing us in one morning than Iran or Cuba could ever do in a Millenia. We have ‘Detant’ with Russia and China and they are no longer interested in presenting themselves at threats against us because they would rather trade with us. Iran would certainly behave in kind if our government acted in the best interest of the American people while an Iran in possession of a nuke would do nothing to the world dynamic other than causing other nations such as Israel, which is constantly invading its neighbors, to think twice about trying to control Iran’s resources or the way in which Iran banks.

        If you understood why Iran has a very good reason to suspect the west wants to attack Iran so as to affect the world banking dynamic, you would understand why Iran would turn towards a nuke in hopes of preventing an attack on itself. Iran has an Nationalized central bank just as Iraq did and Cuba and Venezuela and Libya did before Libya presented itself to be a viable geopolitical and economic lending alternative for borrowing nations in competition with the the privately owned IMF which the Privately Owned US Federal Reserve Bank is affiliated. Every nation with a Nationalized Central bank not affiliated with the privately controled central banks affiliated with the IMF such as ours is sold to us by the media the banksters contol as regimes which must be overthrown. The only exceptions in moving toward this goal are Russia and China, which are simply impossible to overthrow.


    • Anonymous

      I loved everything Ron Paul said he would do – until he said he was ok with Iran having “nukes”….and he lost me.  At this point — whomever gets the nomination needs to appoint R.P. to be Treasury Secretary — and the country WINS.  Ron Paul is a GENIUS on the treasury and monetary policy….not so much on Foreign Policy….

      • Stygian

        I loved everything Ron Paul said he would do – until he said he was ok
        with Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”….and he lost me. -tryandgetsomecommonsense  9 years ago

        The point you miss with Ron Paul is that Congress declares wars, not the president. For him to say that he would not use the executive power to prevent anything but an imminent threat from Iran is to say that he will do nothing except follow the rule of law and the constitution. If congress declares war on Iran, a President Paul would win that war and get out of that war once the objectives were done. This is how we won WWII and the reasons why we languish in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

        It makes me sick to see so many people declare their love and devotion to this country and then tread on the very things that make it great. We never became great, prosperous, or free by intervening into every situation in the world.

        If RP was not a candidate for president, I’d support the very next guy that would seriously defend the corruptible philosophies which pick apart the nation’s foundation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Williams/1790763922 Craig Williams

        Ron Paul is in fact a genius in foreign policy because all foreign policy centers around monetary policy. Without understanding the monetary policies of other nations it is impossible to understand the foreign policy of other nations. The primary objective of United States foreign policy is maintaining the fiat US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Never allow yourself to be fooled into thinking the US goes to war for ANY other reason such as the lame excuses given of ‘Humanitarian Intervention’. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WY5ZVFBHPMWZV6RRBLNSOKB6LE Boyd

    Wake Up! Obama, Romney, Perry and Cain are funded by the
    banking cartels. Ron Paul is by far our best choice.

    Ron Paul serves on the House Committees on Foreign Affairs
    and Financial Services, and on the Joint Economic Committee. He is the chairman
    of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology,
    where he has been an outspoken critic of American foreign and monetary policy.

    Dr. Paul is clearly the most qualified candidate to tackle
    our Nations critical economic and foreign affair issues. The rest of the top
    tier candidates like Romney, Perry, Cain and Obama are a bunch of clowns who
    receive their funds from major donors from Wall Street.

    Ron Paul receives more financial contributions from active
    duty vets than all the other candidates combined. Why is this? They know that
    Ron Paul is the best solution for our National Defense, though the
    establishment media is trying to make him look like a kook who would hurt
    national security. We need to defend our borders and give all these National
    Guard troops who are on their 3rd and 4th tours of duty a break. What if there
    was a real war in the near future? Our military is already at the breaking
    point from wars started to help banks and oil companies. We need an agenda to
    help America. Vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!!

    It to bad we American’s has been DUMBED DOWN by a failed
    education system and a biased media. The establishment media’s bills are paid
    by their advertisers, who happen to be the same Wall Street banks and corps who
    are ripping America off. Avoid getting info from CNN, MSNBC and Fox… it’s all
    a lie and they will tell you who to vote for and to NOT CONSIDER RON PAUL.
    Doesn’t that tell you that Ron Paul is our best choice.

    • Carrieanne Holly

      Paul could care less if Iran becomes a nuclear power.
      Paul could care less if Iran fired missiles into Israel.
      Paul would sit Washington and say, “Sorry, not our problem.”
      He would never come to the defense of Israel or any ally for that matter.
      Vote for Paul?  I think not.
      His brand of Libertarianism is littler more than thinly disguised cowardice. 

      • Anonymous

        When the federal government starts another unprovoked and unfunded war, I assume you’ll be paying more in taxes and fighting the war yourself. Otherwise shut up, armchair soldier.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Williams/1790763922 Craig Williams

        Israel occupies land that was never granted to Israel by the UN. Israel occupies land that does not belong to them. This occupation by their powerful armed forces has caused desperate people to do desperate things in order to persuade Israel to end this occupation. These desperate measures are referred to by those who possess powerful armies of their own as ’terrorism’. This ’terrorism’ never occurred before Israel occupied land which was not granted to them by the UN and before such occupations of this land and theft of sovereignty that once belonged to other people. After this, Israel was plagued by people so desperate to change this situation they were willing, in light of the fact they themselves had not military which could repel such an occupation, to go so far as to kill their own selves in order to convince Israel that Israel should end its occupation of land it did not rightfully own as well as the subsequent subjugation and theft of sovereignty rightfully belonging to the people living in this occupied land. For decades, we witnessed desperate people doing desperate things against Israel while we in the United States were not subjected to the same form of aggression to counter occupation.When Israel invaded its neighbor, Lebanon, the United States sent Marines to aid Israel in its occupation of Lebanon. 238 US Marines participating in this occupation of Lebanese sovereign territory were killed by desperate people wanting to repel that invasion. This action by the people wanting to repel US participation in the occupation of Lebanon were thus referred to as ‘terrorists’. The US removed occupying forces from Lebanon and for the next several years the US was free from the plague of ‘terrorism’. 10-15 years later the US found itself again occupying the land of inadequately represented people with armed forces capable of adequately repelling US aggression and occupation of their land and after a time, the US was again ‘victimized by terrorism’ only these desperate had by this time escalated their techniques to include assaults on civilians. The US ceded to the explicit demands of the ‘terrorists’ and removed American armed forces form the Arabian Peninsula. Since removal of American military forces from Arabian soil, there have been no desperate attacks by desperate people targeting American civilians in hopes of persuading the US Military to end occupations of lands belonging to other people. The lone existing exception to this comes in the form of attacks on our military by people in Afghanistan who used to our allies until it was it became clear to them US armed forces occupying their country have no intention of leaving their country.Iran has not invaded any of its neighbors or attempted to take possession of any of its neighbors lands in hundreds of years. Israel has been invading the lands of its neighbors and occupying and outright stealing the lands of its neighbors for decades and the US support for this has brought the US nothing but Israel’s problems which Israel itself and now us have brought on ourselves. With friends like that, who needs enemies?Iran does not have the means to amass an invasionary force against Israel. Israel has between 300 and 600 atomic weapons and various delivery systems that actually do work. Iran is in no way going to use an atomic weapon against Israel because given justification, Israel could melt Iran to glass in one day. The only threat to Israel from an Iran with the bomb would be only a threat against Israel’s own ability to wage future invasions against its neighbors.   

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K66QQSICLSOVG77JKU2FE3ZKCQ Raylen

      Ron Paul is not even a choice

      • Anonymous

        He’s in 2nd or 3rd place in every poll. How’s that not a choice?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Williams/1790763922 Craig Williams

          Because Tell-A-Vision says so…

  • Anonymous

    When is Romney going to replay the PSA’s Newt did with Hillary and Nancy?  You can be sure they weren’t to promote smaller government…

  • http://twitter.com/xitthematrix Paul Revere

    Newt talks a good game but he is NWO. Look up his history.

    • Stygian

      If you love the Constitution you will do your research and find Newt’s real positions on how he would like to reshape the US. Many of his position are favorable to those who promote World Government.


      It’s amazing to see the media toss Republicans from candidate to candidate and eventually they start to do their research. When they finally investigate at a personal level all of the issues and each of the candidates, some actually research Ron Paul. Once they see his record and how right he has been for so long they become the next stalwarts of RP. Many though, switch to the next Republican ‘surger’ that the media tells them to love.

      I was one of the people that discounted RP in 2008 because I was told to do so. I didn’t research the issues or the candidates like I should have.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000027377451 Kell Sebastian

    Jon Huntsman?  Lol.  Newt has fixed things before, he can do it again.  I like almost all our candidates, though.

  • Anonymous

    Libs & MSM: “We got Perry. Then we got Cain.  Now we will easily get Newt.  Then on to Mitt.  Everyone will eventually be destroyed in their own good time.”

    • Anonymous

      Y’all have been trying to screw Mitt for years, unfortunately for you, nothing sticks.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin is the only true Reagan Conservative, the rest are pretenders. The GOP didnt want a true reformer, so they backed the anyone but Palin RINOS as they always do.

  • Elle

    Another thing about New Hampshire voters…we could care less about organized political campaign offices.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WY5ZVFBHPMWZV6RRBLNSOKB6LE Boyd

    Ron Paul is far more popular than these Wall Street shills will ever admit!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OOUHNCBKYDX2MOAM7S2BREGEC4 TroubleB

    Newt’s just the next GOP flavor of the month. Watching their primary antics is like watching a slow train wreck with Mitt as an “interested observer”.

    After Mr. Flip  Flop takes the GOP crown he goes on to lose to Obama by a close margin because too many people couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a centrist.

    lol…it’s all very “dramatic”.

    • Anonymous

      Newt has far too much experience — and public exposure — to be categorized as “flavor of the month” as the other “newbies” have been.  That label just isn’t going to stick to Newt.  When America settles on Newt — it’ll because they accept him — warts and all…as our nominee.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Regina-Concord/100002860936709 Regina Concord

    The “Powerful Union Leader”?. Wrong century I think. Voters vote without a whole lot of consideration to what the Union Leader says.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is for individual mandates, global warming restrictions, and bailouts.

    So in Newt Gingrich.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Newt is NOT for individual mandates, yes he’s weak on global warming – but teachable [he calls his ad with Pelosi one of the dumbest things he’s ever done]…  As far as bailouts go….I’d have to check the facts there…I can imagine he may have supported it in Fall 2008 when the majority DID….now looking back w/ 20/20 vision….Newt like the majority know it was a huge mistake.  Depends on WHEN you look for Newt’s support of bailouts….he no longer supports that strategy.

  • Anonymous

    yes but Newt is the only one who can debate the current tyrant in office.

    • straw55

      you want a debater to lead the U.S., or a leader who has solid, consistant, moral values for the people of the U.S. and Constitution

      • straw55

        I should have said previously in reply, Vote for Ron Paul

  • Anonymous

    I have always thought that the NH Electorate was a good judge of who this country should be choosing to be our President… I always believed that they studied the candidates well and were objective in their assessments…. I didn’t see NH getting caught up in the Grammar School thing where everyone ran from one candidate to the next…. This poll has caused me to rethink my Opinion of this Electorate… The fact that they would give Gingrich any creedence tells me that they are not looking beyond his words… They are not looking at the inconsistentcies of his actions in the past or his numerous examples of unethical behavior, and they are getting fooled by his story telling and lack of depth in the Economics issues that we face.

    We really need these people to see past the baloney that Gingrich has that is covered by a thin layer of words and see the real candidate. We need them to be the Electorate that we have depended on in previous election cycles.

  • Anonymous

    Does Mitt drop eleven points in a day? I doubt it. I think this is a democrat poll and they want Gingrich, who has big baggage, as the GOP candidate. Keep trying Obama.

  • FredFriar

    McCain lost

  • Tr4nc3d

    What the media and people don’t want to hear is that Newt is one of the WORST possible candidates. Do people really not research who there voting for? Oh yeah I forgot this is America where people are brainwashed by what the fabricated media tells them who to vote for. Gingrich past is so damn horrible, he makes Nixon look good. People would rather vote for a lying, cheating(ask any of his wives), immoral, corrupt, greedy politician like Gingrich over an honest, intellectual, down to earth, uncorruptable Ron Paul.

    And then people wonder why America is going down the toilet.

  • Anonymous

    Hey look kids, a RINO is climbing on the back of another RINO.
    – C. dog was there with the monster crew

  • Anonymous

    Look, mommy, a RINO is climbing on the back of another RINO.
    – C. dog was there with his monster crew

  • Anonymous

    I think voters in the GOP and other categories like Indies, Reagan Dems, Libertarians, TEAS are realizing that the real enemy is liberal Dems and Obama and their disastrous policies of no energy, jobs, border security, too much Obamacare, scandals every day with green baloney and Fast. NH like other states wants a leader not a wuss . With all his warts, Newt is a strong leader with real solutions. Even in Ca., where libdems have ruled so long, we are called the Soviet Republic of Ca., I will vote for Newt in the primary, even if no one else does. I want a guy who stands for the Const, our heritage and our history. That is not Obama. Period.

    • Anonymous

      And just how does The Grate Amphibian Newt stand for the Constitution?  Or should I ask which constitution – perhaps his personal one full of bloat and self-agrandizement?  Which agencies/departments would he eliminate, and what are the Constitutional bases for the remaining polyps?  Perhaps you might stray from the talking head talking points and evaluate one candidate with an actual track record of voting within the boundaries of the Constitution.  Silly philly, the all the eagles have crashed.
      – C. dog, ornithologist with a shotgun

  • Amynrimmer

    Thanks for rewriting history. I clicked on the link for this last “poll” and it clearly says Romney first, Cain second, PAUL third with ten percent, all other candidates were in the single digits. I don’t know if you know this but Paul and Gingrich are not the same person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Ross/100002149217620 Danny Ross

    If the Mittster can’t win in NH, and by a lot, he’s toast.  From there it’s to SC and Florida, and the Newt is sort-of from Georgia.  When the inevitability aura goes away, he has no fall back position, sort of like Hilary in 2008.  Outside the Republican DC Establishment, nobody wants any part of the guy.

  • http://indie-voice.com indie-voice.com

    General Election: Romney vs Obama
    Obama +1.4%

    General Election: Paul vs Obama
    Obama +6.0%

    General Election: Gingrich vs Obama
    Obama +7.7%

    • Anonymous

      How can you beat a guy whom you would not debate????

  • Anonymous