Planned Parenthood targets Guinta

Planned Parenthood is hitting back at New Hampshire 1st District Congressman Frank Guinta, along with several other legislators who voted to defund the birth control and abortion giant. The organization is on the air with a series of hard-hitting one minute radio ads criticizing the vote. The measure was attached to a stop-gap spending bill that passed in the House in a 245-180 vote on Friday, split largely along party lines. House Republicans, including Guinta, lauded the vote as staying true to their campaign trail commitment to slash spending.

Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-choice groups, have argued that the vote to deny them federal funding was motivated by social, rather than fiscal, conservatism. The radio ad hits on that point, stating that Guinta “just voted against one of the best investments ever.” It then goes on to describe Planned Parenthood as a job creator and a key player in controlling health care costs.

Public and political negativity has surrounded Planned Parenthood since the release of a series of videos shot by undercover activists, which appeared to show staff members at several of the organization’s locations advising underage sex workers on how to obtain abortions. The ensuing scandal resulted in the firing of at least one Planned Parenthood employee featured in the footage.

So far, the ads are only scheduled to run for one week. Politico has the audio here.

Author: Staff Reporter

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