Planned Parenthood gets another chance at funding because of Toumpas snafu

You thought the state’s Executive Council rejected a $1.8 million contract with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider?

Think again.

NH Journal has obtained an e-mail from Democrat Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas to Republican Executive Councilor David Wheeler that appears to indicate the Executive Council will need to revote on the state’s contracts with so-called family planning providers, giving Planned Parenthood a second chance to dip into the cookie jar.

The Council denied funding for Planned Parenthood last week.

But in his letter to Councilor Wheeler, Toumpas confesses that HHS used old budget numbers as an estimate for the family planning contracts, including the large Planned Parenthood contract that was denied.

As such the Democrat administration will use it as an excuse to bring all of the controversial contracts before the Governor and Council for another vote.

Wheeler discovered the budgetary discrepancy and asked Toumpas to explain why they were using old budget numbers.

NH Journal confirmed Wednesday night that Toumpas will indeed amend all so-called family planning contracts requiring the Council to vote yet again.

Expect another round of intense rhetoric and influence peddling from the abortion lobby in the days and weeks to come.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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