Perfume is the new secondhand smoke

Very odd …

Here’s the Fox segment on the New Hampshire House bill banning state employees from wearing perfume.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    If you bar public employees from using fragrance, what about the odoriferous public they have to deal with?
    What about bad breath and BO, that’s vile enough to gag a horse? Some people smell as though they bathe with garlic and onion soap.

    The real problem is a little goes a long way. Apply fragrance moderately. And please use breath mint’s, gargle, and bathe. Smelling like a combination  of a funeral home and package of onion soup is not appealing.

  • Anonymous

    This is none of the State’s business. I’m sure they could find something more useful to do like abolishing public schools and going to tuition vouchers.