Pay the ticket and say ‘thank you’

How do you say “thank you” to someone who likely saved your life?

That is a question John and Angela Coughlin of Londonderry should be asking themselves as they consider challenging a ticket issued after driving 102 mph.

Widely reported locally and nationally, this couple from Londonderry were handed a speeding ticket after a New Hampshire State Trooper clocked them driving this fast to get to the hospital for assistance with the imminent birth of their child.

Upon realizing there was a medical emergency in the car he was attempting to pull over, the State Trooper pulled ahead of their car, escorted them safely to the hospital, helped the soon-to-be mother into the hospital and waited until the child was born before issuing them a ticket for speeding.

The couple now finds themselves the topic of heated discussion as they plan to challenge this ticket next week in court.

The question is: what are they challenging? By his own admittance, Mr. Coughlin drove this fast and said he in not so many words that he would do it again.

As a parent myself, I do not have an issue with his actions. Yes, it was risky and dangerous to drive that fast but given the situation understandable.

What I have a problem with is the fact this couple’s lack of gratefulness to this Trooper for ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them. His actions should be applauded, not demonized.

Local and national cameras will be on this couple next week as they enter court to challenge their ticket. Here is my free advice: Pay the ticket, turn to the cameras and send out a big thank you to the Trooper that ensured you got to the hospital safely and enjoy that wonderful little baby.

Jayne Marcucci Millerick is owner of Marcucci Consulting, a public relations consulting firm specializing in strategic communications, grassroots coalition building and corporate media training.

Author: Jayne Millerick

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  • Atierno

    He is fighting it because if he pleads guilty he can lose his license.

    • LLMom

      He should lose his liscense; He obviously doesn’t know the effect of high speed on a vehicle.

  • Jacklmack

    Pay the fine even if you believe your right! That’s your advice, good thing it ‘s free cause I wouldn’t pay for it

  • Marijack

    Since when did we start applauding a lack of common sense. The State Trooper found an emergency situation in progress and helped the couple get to the hospital. End of story………Not quite. What kind of message is the ticket sending to the general population, that you should drive your screaming wife to the hospital at a slower speed and risk losing the baby? Could it be that this officer’s actions were just to cover his butt, without any thought for this couple, or anyone else in a similar situation? He could have wished the couple well and admonished the father, with a smile on his face, not to do it again.
    Sorry, that would have made too much sense, and wouldn’t have made the national news.