Update: Pataki postpones trip to NH due to storm

(Update: Monday, Jan. 26)


Forecasts of a major winter storm for Tuesday and into Wednesday has forced Gov. George Pataki to postpone his scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday trip to New Hampshire.



(Our earlier report on and interview with Pataki follows:)


Although he is not an official candidate yet, former New York Gov. George Pataki not only appears headed in that direction, but is approaching full campaign-like mode.


Pataki, who considered but decided against runs for President in 2008 and 2012, was in New Hampshire on Jan. 11 and 12 – and he’s coming back next week.


On Tuesday, He will appear at a Cheshire County Republican Committee dinner at Kristen’s Bakery in Keene, and on Wednesday, he will speak to a class at Saint Anselm College about the United Nations and international terrorism in a post-9/11 world.


Pataki this week announced he is chairing a new super PAC that will allow him to raise funds to support his traveling around the country as he moves toward a formal candidacy. The PAC, called, “We the People, Not Washington,” was first reported by The New York Times on Wednesday.


In an interview, Pataki told the New Hampshire Journal that setting up the super PAC “is a very big step toward the possibility of becoming a candidate. But for the nature of the federal campaign finance laws, I could be an official candidate now.”


But Pataki said that just since his last visit to the state, “It appears that conditions around the globe continue to get worse and the situation is such that I feel the need and the desire to offer my abilities becomes more compelling.


He said he was “very disappointed in President Obama’s State of the Union address, especially what he said was a lack of focus on national security an foreign policy.


Governor of New York from 1995 to 2006, “I saw the consequences on 9/11 of inaction in the face of grave threats,” and he said that today terrorist groups “are far more aggressive” and are more actively recruiting.


“They have sophisticated training, planning and recruitment capacity, and for us to set back and hope we are safe is the wrong approach.”


Pataki said that with Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and others likely getting into the race, “I’m sure we are going to have a lot of good candidates but in my view, given my experience running one of the larges and bluest states in America, and being able to transform it…that is something I believe gives me a very unique and different ability and vision of what is required to change America.”

Author: John DiStaso

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