Pataki (again) says he’s ‘serious’ about a possible presidential run

Twice before, former three-term New York Gov. George Pataki thought seriously about running for President, only to pull the plug.


He was serious then, but this time, he said today, he is very serious about it.


In New Hampshire yesterday, today and tomorrow, Pataki told the New Hampshire Journal this afternoon, “I am seriously looking at it because this country has been headed in the wrong direction, and it is sad to me that the majority of Americans think the best days of this country are behind us.”


Pataki on Sunday campaigned with state Sen. Nancy Stiles and state Senate candidate Eddie Edwards. Today, he campaigned with 1st District U.S. House candidate Frank Guinta and met with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.



“The problem is our people know all about entrepreneurship, but it’s our federal government,” he said. “It is so big that it is not capable of doing what it needs to be doing well,” Pataki said after a top with Guinta in Londonderry.


Pataki is viewed as more moderate than some who are eyeing a run for President, but he said he does not want to “categorize myself.” His message is clearly one of fiscal conservatism and smaller government.


“There are a lot of good people thinking of running in 2016,” he said. Noting his experience as a chief executive, he said he was honored to have had the “tremendous opportunity to lead my state” from 1995 through 2006.


“There is no timetable” for a decision, Pataki said. He said he is “reluctant to talk about” a possible presidential run because he has “talked about it in the past” and decided against it.


“But I do know that we need a strong leader to take this country forward.”


Pataki is scheduled to speak to a “Politics and Eggs” event at the Bedford Village Inn Tuesday morning.


He has recently appeared in a television ad sponsored by a super PAC called “Americans for Real Change,” saying in part, “Big government benefits the rich and powerful. They can afford to play the game; you can’t. It’s time for a new America, with a much smaller federal government.”


View the ad below:

Author: John DiStaso

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