Ovide uses charm and likeability to contrast with Hassan’s shrillness

The campaign of Ovide Lamontagne has launched a new web video showcasing the Republican gubernatorial nominee’s trademark charm and likeability as he begins to confront the shrill and didactic Democratic nominee Maggie Hassan, who was voted out of her state Senate seat just two years ago. In the video Lamontagne and a number of his supporters comically struggle with his Franco-American name. The video then transitions to a string of testimonials and anti-tax messaging.

“I don’t care how you pronounce it,” says a gentleman at the end. “He’s a good man. And he’ll be a good governor.”

Meanwhile, Hassan and the state’s Democrats this week issues a poorly produced attack video criticizing Lamontagne while taking his position on education grossly out of context.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Other than packaging and merchandizing, try these on for size, Ovide:
    1. Full-court press to introduce choice and diversity of schooling New Hamster’s ‘utes.
    2. Eliminate Dept. of Cultured Affairs, then work up the liberty tree from there
    3. Get rid of that silly prohibition of that silly little weed that makes dingbats giggle and eat fried pork byproduct.
    4. Fire all drones that wile away their useless lives sending their screed to the Concord Moronitor and other portals of Moron Media.
    5. Surgically remove the vestige of kingly pursuits: Eminent Insane.
    6. Convert all saving to elimination of phantom sales and income taxes that don’t exist for propaganda purposes, but for those of us in the know, well a manure pile is still a manure pile, even if called a rose.
    – C. dog on point for the fall paaatridge season