Ovide to Hassan: So, tell us, which taxes are you planning on raising?

Former State Senator Maggie Hassan, who is the Democrat nominee for Governor despite having been voted out of office just two years ago, sort of set Republican nominee Ovide Lamontagne up by suggesting most taxpayers would be agreeable to paying higher taxes, though she didn’t specify which ones she would raise. So, Ovide is just straight up asking her. From the Lamontagne campaign press release:

Manchester, NH – Less than a week since becoming her party’s nominee for Governor, Maggie Hassan is already talking of raising taxes on New Hampshire’s families and small business owners.

In a story in Sunday’s Portsmouth Herald, Sen. Hassan is quoted as saying, “When you look at some of the back-of-the-budget tax cuts and other tax cuts the Republicans made the last two years, I think there are some things that most taxpayers of New Hampshire would agree that we could restore.”

Republican gubernatorial nominee Ovide Lamontagne today called on Hassan to be upfront with the voters on which taxes she would look to increase:

“During her time in the legislature, Sen. Hassan supported a 24% increase in state spending along with the creation or increase of over 80 taxes and fees to pay for it all.  In 2010, she lost her bid for reelection to the Senate as a direct result of this fiscal mismanagement, and comments like the one in Sunday’s Herald show she hasn’t learned the lesson,” said Lamontagne.

“The tax cuts included in this year’s budget were designed to ease the burden on New Hampshire families and small businesses created by Sen. Hassan and her liberal colleagues in the legislature.  Though minor, reductions in the meals and rooms operator fee, the pet store license fee, the marriage license fee, the condo and land sale license fee, and others each allow our taxpayers to keep more of their hard earned dollars in their pocket.  If Sen. Hassan is looking to again increase these fees she needs to be upfront with the voters of New Hampshire and tell them exactly what will cost them more under her administration.  I question whether she will find “most taxpayers” are up for paying more to support her big government agenda.”

NH Journal has inquired with the Hassan campaign as to which taxes she plans on raising should she be elected Governor and await the campaign’s reply.


Author: Patrick Hynes

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