Ovide: Huntsman could hurt Romney; Also plans to endorse in the fall

Republican ‘kingmaker’ Ovide Lamontagne tells Kasie Hunt of POLITICO that former-Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman could hurt frontrunner Mitt Romney in New Hampshire should he decide to compete for the GOP nomination because the two share a similar profile

“I do think they’re both governors, obviously, and profess to have experience both as state executives and in business,” Lamontagne told POLITICO. “So [Huntsman] is able to compete with Gov. Romney on that level and might be able to make some inroads with more traditional Romney supporters.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ovide says he plans to endorse a candidate for president before Thanksgiving. In 2008 he supported Romney and he currently shares a top consultant with Romney’s presidential campaign, Jim Merrill.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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