Organizing for Action uses blood-spattered signs to politicize Boston Marathon tragedy

President Obama’s campaign arm turned “advocacy” group, Organizing for Action, has found itself thrust into the spotlight for a blatant politicization of last month’s Boston Marathon bombing.

A protest outside Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office over her vote against the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill, which President Obama backed, saw one protestor wielding a sign riddled with what appeared to be fake blood.

The sign itself read: “More people shot in one day than Marathoned.”

The demonstration was coordinated by Organizing for Action, with protesters being members of its New Hampshire group.

Below is a segment from Special Report with Bret Bair highlighting the demonstration, with an image of the sign featured:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    Besides being tasteless, once again the libs deal without facts. That is, unless you can divide approximately 100,000 people shot in the U.S. each YEAR by 365 and come up with approximately 20,000 (the number of people who “marathoned” in Boston). For those of you in Rio Linda, the actual number about 274, not 20,000. That’s right–two orders of magnitude WRONG.

    Also never mind the fact that the statistic doesn’t differentiate between offensive and defensive shootings.

    If liberals would learn to reason with facts, there wouldn’t be any more liberals.

    • Anonymous

      The guy holding the sign is probably a union school teacher.

  • Anonymous

    liars- that is the modern day left.
    that is all