Opportunity missed

The Government shut-down ended with another last second measure to avoid default, with the Democrats slipping in a few ear marks to agree to end the manufactured crisis for now and put it off for another few months once again as usual.  The Republicans in their attempt to stop the train wreck called the Affordable Care Act or better known as Obama Care took the blame for the Government shut down in the eyes of the voters.

It is always very easy to play center field from the bleachers, but it is very sad that the Republican-controlled House by their actions took the spotlight for those 17 days rather than focusing on the rollout failure of Obama Care.

The American people need to really step back and look at what has happened.  The $500 million plus web-site has been a complete failure.  How can this be, who is responsible and what will be done to fix it?  We are hearing the same old nonsensical rhetoric from Mr. Obama that sounds like the same comments with a few variations made after the Benghazi disaster – I will get this fixed.  This rhetoric,  compounded with the roll-out failure and the fact the Administration will not tell how many people have actually signed up for Obama Care is a real problem.  Is the Administration not able to tell how many have signed up or are they not willing to tell?

Remember those hard-headed Republican House members suggested this entire train wreck be put off for a year.  The Administration must think that idea isn’t so bad right now.  Every American working man and woman should really be concerned about these latest developments.  Remember this Administration was going to be open and transparent, everything out in the open.  Well, when the            wheels fell off the roll out, who did Mr. Obama bring to the White House?  Those horrible CEO’s from the Insurance providers that he and his party demonized and claimed were all part of the money hungry greedy Billion Dollar companies that did not care about the uninsured.  What a turnaround!  It is now very apparent why the Obama Administration held so many high level top secret meetings with the insurance companies prior to the law being enacted.  One can only imagine what went on.

The real sad part is that the 85% of Americans who had health insurance when this law was enacted could end up losing their health care all together or paying much much more in the end to keep what they had before.

The Republicans in the House and the Senate could have stood back and let Obama Care cave in under its own weight.  But they wanted to negotiate with the Democrats and Obama and Reid said no.  The real problem facing the American people is trying to get the truth from this Administration.  They have not been forthright with any information on anything regarding the truth, from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Social Security conspiracy, to trying to find out how many people have signed up for Obama Care.  The Administration realizes that if enough people, especially young healthy people, do not sign up and opt to pay a $95 Social Security levied fine, the entire Affordable Health Care Act will collapse.

It is very apparent this entire law needs to be revisited and this time with bipartisan negotiation and input.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers and a member of the New Hampshire State Veterans Council

Author: Jim Adams

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