Opinion: Will the Union Leader end Kathy Sullivan’s column?

In an editorial in Thursday’s edition, the New Hampshire Union Leader essentially accuses Democrat honcho Kathy Sullivan of running a voter fraud flop house:

In 2005, Democratic Manchester Mayor Bob Baines’ campaign manager, a young man named Geoff Wetrosky, voted in the city election. He had signed an affidavit saying that he lived in Manchester and intended to stay here. After the election he left. He gave as his “domicile” the address of Kathy Sullivan, then chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

The Democrats protest that all of these people — at least 10 — voted legally. But it is illegal to file a false affidavit. The affidavit these campaign operatives signed states that they swear they are domiciled at the listed address and that a “domicile is that place, to which upon temporary absence, a person has the intention of returning.” Falsely claiming a New Hampshire domicile is classified under state law as voter fraud. That is exactly what this is. And it happens election after election.

Kathy Sullivan is a contributor to the Union Leader’s Op-Ed page (she once flagrantly lied about me and the paper was forced to run a correction). Considering the Union Leader apparently believes she helped someone commit a crime, shouldn’t they discontinue her column?

UPDATE: Union Leader editorial page editor Drew Cline says no, the paper will not discontinue her column.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Timothy Horrigan

    You yourself may want to explain why two people from Annandale, Virginia voted from your home address in Laconia in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    My prediction? NO. Because the UL are not really conservatives.