Opinion: ‘What difference does it make?’

Benghazi showed the Obama Administration’s true concern and its real agenda regarding the safety of our troops and Americans on foreign soil. As the truth continues to come out in bits and pieces, through no help from the national media, the evidence is very clear. The Rose Garden comments were the beginning of the worst cover-up and distortion of the truth seen in this country since Watergate. And to that end, it is worthy to note that no one died as a result of Watergate.

As the highest ranking Administration personnel watched this well-planned, well-executed military style terrorist attack taking place in real time via camera link from predator drones, the Chicago Politics spin team began the lie. It was a spontaneous response to a bad U-tube film degrading Islam. When Obama delivered the distortion of the truth in the Rose Garden, he also apologized to the Islamic nations regarding the U-tube video and stated that the guilty parties for this attack would be hunted down.

The truth is, his administration is guilty of gross dereliction of duty. Numerous requests were made for additional security for the Consulate and Embassy prior to the attack and each time they were denied, which left all of those Americans in grave danger. However, that incompetence pales to what actually happened on the night of the attack. Remember the famous situation room was getting a live/real time feed of exactly what was happening at the Consulate. This is the same room they watched our brave Seal Team Six members get Bin Laden. They knew when the attack on the consulate started that it was not an unorganized demonstration due to a U-tube video. Yet the Administration began an unbelievable story, delivered by United Nations Ambassador Rice that this was a result of the U-Tube video, when they knew better and yet the Ambassador appeared on all the network Sunday shows to continue the lie.

During the attack, the people in the consulate asked numerous times for assistance and each time they were denied. Finally, the two former Seals disobeyed orders and joined the fight. What happened next was the most egregious of all.

When the former Seals engaged the combatants attacking the safe house, they repeatedly asked for support. They asked for air support after stating they had the combatants lasered and targeted. Denied. They asked for additional troops. Denied, even though a rapid response Delta team in Tripoli was only a few hours away. These brave former Seals fought alone for 7 hours and still no help came. It is little wonder the administration, and especially Obama, does not want to address these issues, his handlers state all of the uproar surrounding this attack is just politically motivated.

It is far from that! This tragedy is the result of Obama’s failed foreign policy, which has been a complete disaster, as is the failure of his former Secretary of State Clinton to protect State Department personnel overseas. It looks like all of his failed promises and actions are designed to relegate the United States to become a second rate nation.

Remember his excitement to gain political points after Seal Team Six eliminated Bin Laden did not allow our intelligence community to fully utilize the treasure trove of intelligence found on all of Bin Laden’s computers. He also identified the Seal Team Six members which lost half of its members just over a month later in Afghanistan. Seal Team members live in the shadows and their whereabouts and unit information is top secret. Obama and Biden’s spiking of the football for political reasons put those Seal Team members’ lives in grave jeopardy. This complete foreign policy failure compounded with the failure to protect Americans on foreign soil and not being ready for an attack on the 11th anniversary of 911 is beyond belief.

With the upcoming hearings on Benghazi, one can only hope once and for all that we can get the truth. Why would the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations make statements that were not true? And why would Secretary of State Clinton state, when asked why the United States did not do more to beef up security at the consulate prior to the attack and denied help for the former Seals for 7 hours, state “What Difference Does it Make?” The truth makes a huge difference as does the failure to protect Americans abroad, and if she had taken the security of these people more seriously, we wouldn’t be asking the question at all. Shame on you, Mrs. Clinton.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers Alliance

Author: Jim Adams

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  • Anonymous

    The administration’s cover up of the Obama administration’s mishandling of this tragedy makes a great deal of difference to people of the United States. The fish rots from the head…

    • C. dog e. doG

      Rotten head, meet rotten body politick.
      – C. dog