OPINION: Voter ID – they doth protest too much

The November elections are a distant memory to many now. In fact, many interested parties are beginning to explore the possibility of running in the 2014 interim elections. This week in Concord, the Democrats continue to attempt to dismantle the voter ID law that was enacted during the last Legislative session. The argument from the Democrats is that the new law, which requires a photo ID or a signed affidavit if they didn’t have a photo ID, caused long lines.

Secretary of State Bill Gardener testified that the many long lines were a result of the huge number of same-day registrations. Whatever the reason for the lines, it is clear that the Democrats want to completely gut the law and return to far less restrictive measures for same-day registration. They use as their argument that there has never been any cases of voter fraud.

Voter fraud is a serious charge. Let’s just look at the facts from the Secretary of State’s office mailing to the folks that completed the affidavits. According to the Deputy Secretary of State Scanlon, of the 22,000 affidavits mailed out, approximately 2,000 were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable as addressed. That means the person claiming that address on their affidavit is unknown at the address utilized or the address never existed in the first place, therefore undeliverable as addressed. If they had moved to another location, the Postal Service would have forwarded it. This means that nearly 10% of the official documents returned to the Secretary of State’s office had erroneous addresses, or they never resided there.

In addition to the 2,000 returned as undeliverable as addressed, the Secretary of State’s office also reports that nearly 3,500 of the affidavits sent out were not returned as required by law. That means that approximately 5,500 affidavits were either not returned by the voter or were returned as undeliverable as addressed. That is 23% of the total mailing.

The question that must be answered is where did these people go that do not live at the address they claimed? Where are the people who signed affidavits that were not returned as undeliverable as addressed? Did they just ignore the official State document? This is a very serious matter and there must be a thorough accounting. How many Legislative and State Senatorial elections were decided by just a handful of votes? To date, there are 5,500 mystery voters unaccounted for.

I truly believe the Democrats do protest too much. On April 9, the Secretary of State’s office turned over the names and addresses of 5,500 folks that failed to return their postcards or were not living where they said they did. Granite State Taxpayers will ask the Attorney General’s office for a progress report each month as to the results of the investigation.

It is a shame the Democrats are not more concerned about finding places to cut cost in State government rather than making it easy for mystery voters to affect the outcome of New Hampshire elections.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers.

Author: Jim Adams

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  • Anonymous

    Voter ID will end the practice of out of state voters swinging elections in this tiny state. NH Dems know they can only win if they lie & cheat…

  • Anonymous

    Voter fraud is the playground of the Left. Democrats have a long history of proven voting fraud which is why they are against anything that may put an end to it. Photo IDs should be required to vote and no same day registrations.

  • Anonymous

    All those illegal votes need to be removed from the counts, the vote counts redone, and the new results put in place especially if it means someone won with illegal votes. Any elected official who is turned out should also have all their votes nullified and all legislation they voted on recounted with only legal votes.

    Anyone found guilty of voter fraud should get a 20 year mandatory minimum sentence in prison with no parole for the entire sentence.

  • Anonymous

    Voter ID first then , sworn statements. Further,sworn statements are a lie without verification. The democrats wanrt nither, then they profit from the fraud.