Opinion: Truth, honesty, and integrity

These words were once the hallmark of this nation’s elected officials. There were always a couple of dopes trying to lie, cheat, and steal but they were usually run out of town by their peers or by the voters. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has taken distortion of the truth to the highest level in Washington since Bill Clinton said, “It depends what the definition of IS is.” And come to think of it, we have a Clinton at the center of the Benghazi lie.

There was a time as mentioned when the people elected to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land and common decency in the Democratic Party would call for the truth. It seems those days are gone. On Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013, the Democrats took to airways via the Sunday talk shows to claim this was just a Republican witch hunt and this last week of gut-wrenching testimony did not tell the nation anything it didn’t already know. Senator Durbin from Illinois stated we learned nothing new. Remember, this is the same man that stated on the floor of the Senate that the brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces were only there because they couldn’t find any other jobs with the inference that they were not smart enough to go to college. A few days later, he said he was sorry while spewing alligator tears on the Senate floor. Unfortunately the Illinois voters put this person back in the Senate. Well, I guess one would have to admit that some people going to Washington from Illinois have a real problem with truth, honesty and integrity.

The bottom line is attempting to hide the truth and somehow always trying to blame the Republicans may finally be wearing thin with the national media. One can only hope so. You combine the latest revelations from the Benghazi hearing and the latest bombshell that the IRS was targeting, Tea Party, 912 Projects and Patriot Organizations in the key battle ground state of Ohio, these people have reached the lowest level of dirty politics ever witnessed. The American people must vent their frustration by contacting their Representatives. Enough is enough and to that end, now is not the time to jump head long into a sweeping immigration reform put together by this President. Secure the borders first, and then talk about the various options. If the borders are not secure, then this proposed legislation will bring 2 or 3 million more illegal aliens a year across our unsecure borders. The entire process must be carefully addressed item by item and not a knee-jerk reaction in favor of those now here illegally.

Remember, truth, honesty, and integrity should be the guiding principles to this very important issue. And, once again, the voters need to remember the Benghazi cover-up and the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups by the IRS, and through the scoundrels out in 2014.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers Alliance

Author: Jim Adams

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