Opinion: The terrible tax

Dear Politicians,

Why can’t we buy natural gas in most of our State?

85% of Carroll County residents use oil or propane to heat their homes. 10% rely on wood. 4% rely on electricity and less than 1% of rely on natural gas.

The average home heating bill is $3000 per year. That figure jumps to $10000 on average per year for business.

Carroll County spends nearly $175 million each year for oil and propane. That figure does not include transportation fuel or electricity.

At current natural gas prices, homeowners could save an average of $150 per month or $1800 per year. Businesses could see their spending go from $6 million per month to $4million per month.

Over 50% of US Homes use natural gas as a heating source. Carroll County is less than 1%. New Hampshire, in total, is only 18%.

New Hampshire ranks # 46 in the United States relative to the use of natural gas.

So why are Carroll County, and our State, left out in the cold?

Lack of vision is a terrible tax.

Author: Paul O'Brien

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