Opinion: Shea-Porter should think before she votes

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) apparently believes the current Congress, in which she sits, should be passing more laws.

“Unfortunately, the 113th Congress is on pace to be the least productive Congress in history. Eight months in, just 22 bills have become public law,” she writes in a recent Op-Ed piece in The Concord Monitor. Perhaps she’s grown frustrated at the inaction surrounding her all-important measure “[t]o extend the temporary suspension of duty on bitolylene diisocyanate (TODI).”

Whatever the case may be, Shea-Porter may in fact be right that the public will not stand for such limited action by Congress. We’ll find out the voters’ attitudes on that on November 2014.

Then again, Shea-Porter may not like the voters’ attitudes when they consider the infamous bill she and her Democratic colleagues forced through the U.S. House and U.S. Senate not long ago without even understand how the bill would work or be implemented. I’m talking of course about the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

Just this week, President Barack Obama’s administration announced it has shelved an important consumer-protection provision of the law for another year. A cap on out-of-pocket healthcare costs that was supposed to be enforced in 2014 now will not be enforced until 2015.

This follows the administration’s previous delay in implementing the employer mandate, which requires large employers to provide health benefits or pay a penalty.

Shea-Porter herself reportedly confronted President Obama about yet another faltering aspect of the law: The health care exchanges, which are to be implemented by the states to create a competitive marketplace among insurance providers. It hasn’t worked out that way. The Granite State has only one plan enrolled in its exchange. “This is not the bill I voted for,” she is reported to have told the President.

Yes, Carol, it is.

It’s also the same law Sen. Max Baucus, a chief architect of this law, said is become a “train wreck” to implement.

Maybe Carol Shea-Porter is right; Congress should pass more laws. Or maybe, just maybe, Members of Congress should deliberate a bit longer and more thoughtfully before passing laws like the disastrous “train wreck” called ObamaCare.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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