Opinion: Scott Brown is the candidate for women in US Senate election

By Lyndsay Robinson


Like many other students at this time of year, this weekend I celebrated my graduation from Saint Anselm College. Graduations are always a time to reflect back on the memories made over the course of four years. For me, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the youngest female student body president of St. A’s, and met some incredible people along the way. It wasn’t always easy, and I had to work three jobs through college to help pay for my education, but looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Graduations are also a time to look ahead. As college graduates, we want the opportunity to compete in a thriving economy that is growing and giving families the chance to achieve the American Dream. We want a strong local economy where jobs are created here in New Hampshire. We want a government that controls its spending habits instead of passing on insurmountable debts to future generations.

With an abundance of student loans, a stagnant job market, and ever-increasing costs of living, we are graduating at a dangerous time.
A few years ago, I met a man of principle and integrity who I know will always fight for those things. That man is Senator Scott Brown. Senator Brown embodies what a leader should be: A person with honesty, strong family values, and a dedicated work ethic.

With Scott Brown, his vote isn’t whether it’s good for this special interest group or this party or that party—it’s about what works for the people he represents. Scott Brown will put New Hampshire ahead of any party agenda and that makes him someone we can count on to move our state and country forward.

Young voters see the bigger picture. We see colleges and universities increasing tuition year after year, forcing us students to take out loans while Washington sits back and does nothing.

Jeanne Shaheen has been one of the President Obama and Harry Reid’s most loyal members in the Senate, voting with President Obama 99% of the time and casting the tie-breaking vote for ObamaCare.

Senator Shaheen wants you to believe she’s a moderate voice in the Senate, yet her record says she’s been anything but. Shaheen supports cap-and-trade, which will increase energy bills for New Hampshire families and cost you more every time you fill your gas tank up.
As college graduates, we are entering a scary world. People are being deprived of their doctors of their choosing and access to hospitals because Senator Shaheen refused to put New Hampshire before her allegiance to President Obama’s radical agenda.

I recently had the opportunity to deliver food, clothing and furniture, alongside my classmates to the less fortunate in Manchester. Behind many closed doors, veterans, refugees, and children are sleeping on the ground in the freezing cold because gas and heat are too expensive to afford during the winter.

This is a choice between who will protect our future and provide us with the opportunities we need to achieve our goals in life. This is about who will put more money back into the pockets of Granite Staters, so they can choose how to spend their money rather than having Washington choose for them.

Scott Brown knows about women who are watching. He grew up in a household with a single mom who watched every dime she spent, and worked hard in a series of jobs. Much like Senator Brown, I grew up being raised by a single mother who supported her children on her own by working three full time jobs. Scott Brown has two daughters around my age who are their starting careers—one a singer in Nashville and the other attending veterinary school in the fall. He understands the uncertainty young people are faced with when entering this new place called “the real world”. Scott Brown’s vision of creating more jobs and giving kids an affordable education through commonsense solutions is exactly what New Hampshire needs.

Scott Brown is understanding, hardworking, and truly recognizes the direction this country needs to move in. I am proud to say I support Scott Brown!



Lyndsay Robinson was the 2013-2014 student body president at Saint Anselm College.

Author: Staff Reporter

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