Opinion: New Hampshire Representatives for Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate

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As New Hampshire State Representatives, we have sworn to abide by the constitutions of our state and nation and to do what is best for our constituents and our state. We all understand the craftsmanship, diplomacy, and hard work required to pass meaningful legislation that solves real problems while preserving and enhancing individual liberty.This is why we are throwing our support behind Jim Rubens for United States Senator. Over his twenty years in public life here in New Hampshire, we have seen Jim repeatedly take principled stands on complicated and controversial policy issues.

He has done so with consummate respect for both those who support and those who oppose his positions. Through use of persistence, intelligence, and calm reason, he has repeatedly proven his ability to unite people, often across party lines, to get big things done.

In his first term in the State Senate, he wrote and passed New Hampshire’s charter school law. He did so by explaining this new and bold idea of public schools of choice to voters in his district and across the state, marshalling knowledge of the intricacies of school law, and persuading members of the House, Senate, and the Governor to join him in support. Today, New Hampshire has twenty-two charter schools proving that students – from at-risk to gifted — can learn more and do better and lower cost to taxpayers.

He initiated debate in the legislature that brought consumer choice and provider competition for electric service to New Hampshire, saving ratepayers millions of dollars over the years. Then, he brought electricity ratepayers, environmentalists, and competitive electricity generators together and lead the fight against our state’s largest utility to protect ratepayers from being forced to pay excessive “stranded costs” for useless generating assets.

He wrote and passed our New Hampshire’s victim restitution law. He championed passage of our SB-2 law, which has provided towns and school district voters the all-day, secret ballot voting option and which has increased voter turnout by five times in local jurisdictions adopting the SB-2 option. The Union Leader newspaper named him its 2013 Citizen of the Year for leading the fight against monopoly gambling casinos.

Ultimately, he has proven time-and-time again that Jim Rubens listens carefully, is a tireless worker, does not shrink from controversy, and gets the job done. Many of us have different reasons for supporting Jim. Some of us differ with some of his positions.  But we all think during this time of great need in our nation, he is the right person and the right time and our best Republican candidate to defeat and replace Jeanne Shaheen.

Jim is not running for US Senate to be yet another Washington career politician. He has sworn himself to a two-term limit.  He has once again proposed bold solutions to the nation’s generational challenges.  For the past forty years, he has lived here in New Hampshire and has started, run, and invested in small businesses here in New Hampshire. He has deep roots and understanding of our diverse state and people.

Our nation’s stagnant economy, debt, unsustainable fiscal policy, and big-government overreach all weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of our citizens. Our beloved nation is on the wrong path and our state needs and deserves brave and thoughtful leadership. Jeanne Shaheen is failing on all these counts.  Senator Jim Rubens is the candidate to meet our challenges head-on. Please join us in supporting Jim Rubens for US Senate.

New Hampshire State Representatives

Dick Burchell, Gilmanton Iron Works
John Ceborowski, Bedford
Brian Chirichiello, Derry
Jim Coffey, New Ipswich
Ralph Doolan, Littleton
Charles Fink, Belmont
Carolyn Gargasz, Hollis
Jim Grenier, Lempster
Kathy Hoelzel, Raymond
Neal Kurk, Weare
Rick Ladd, Haverhill
Robert Luther, Laconia
Betsy McKinney, Londonderry
Jim Parison, New Ipswich
Skip Reilly, Bristol
Leon Rideout, Lancaster
Betsy Sanders, Danville
Steven Smith, Charlestown

Author: Dick Burchell, et al

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