Opinion: More gun control or status quo with tweaks

The days and months following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Obama, Fernstein and numerous Liberal states all want more laws to further complicate the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and keep firearms.  The tragic loss of the children affects every parent and grandparent to their very core.  The terrible loss to the families can never be made right, and no law will prevent something like that from happening again.  Before more and new laws are added to the right to own firearms, we must look at the root cause of this and many similar tragedies.

The root cause is that the requirement already in place to prevent mentally ill from obtaining firearms is broken.  Doctor-patient privilege and a flawed system that allows people who should not have firearms to obtain them.   Close all of the loopholes in the existing laws and we would be well on our way to a safer country without creating additional unnecessary laws.

It is common knowledge that Washington D.C. and Chicago, Illinois, both gun-free cities, are two of the most dangerous places on earth if you wander into or live in one of the wild-west neighborhoods.  Gun free means law abiding citizens cannot own guns to protect themselves.  Last year Chicago had a record number of people killed by gun violence.  In places that have “stand your ground” legislation, the Chicago problem does not exist.

To that end, the liberals in the New Hampshire legislature are attempting to overturn New Hampshire’s “stand your ground” law enacted two years ago.  The liberal Democrats would prefer law-abiding citizens to cut and run.  What about this scenario?  Grandparents are walking – one pushing a stroller with a 2-year old on board, and the other grandparent with to older youngsters holding their hands.  All of a sudden, a machete-yielding maniac charges them.  The current (new) law would allow the grandparents to defend themselves and their grandchildren.  The Democratic proposal would require them to cut and run and hope they can get everyone out of harm’s way.

The root cause is making certain by properly using the existing gun laws that the dangerously mentally ill and that those with marginal mental illness as well as teenagers that have committed murder while minors are never allowed to buy or own firearms.  That would be a huge step in preventing tragedies like Sandy Hook in the future.  There are already plenty of laws in place.  We just need to tweak the laws to get to the root cause of this problem of guns in the hands of dangerous people.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers Alliance

Author: Jim Adams

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