Opinion: A Time for Leadership and Results

Mr. Obama, please be a part of the solution, not the problem.  The road trips, finger pointing, and the mean-spirited eloquent rhetoric are doing nothing to address the trillions of dollars of deficit, the out of control spending, or the Washington Gridlock since 2010.

It is time for Leadership, not a round of golf with Tiger Woods or a vacation in Hawaii.  It is important to remember, if the Electoral College were based upon Congressional District results, you would be unemployed.  Many are questioning your agenda with this nation on the cusp of returning to its pre-World War I role of being just another nation searching for its identity.

The United States took its place as a super power after World War II and has not looked back until now.  You always say this was not your mess, you were left with it.  Mr. Obama, after 5 years in office, it is all yours now.

You must make the tough choices in entitlements, especially SSI and Medicaid.  The people that have not worked in 2 or 3 generations because they do not want to can no longer be supported.  They must become productive employees and taxpayers, not leeches on the pocketbooks of working men and women.  This nation has always helped those that needed a hand up, but generational handouts must stop.

This nation was built upon the dream that with hard work and ability, an American could become anything they desired.  We must return to that mindset and stop the handouts and get those that can work but chose not to, back to work.  This nation can no longer afford to care for those that want the constant handout and are not interested in a hard day’s work for a fair day’s pay, no more lame excuses.

It is also time to start working with the Republicans in the Senate and House.  The road trips to blame everyone else for the failures of Washington are growing very tiresome.  As President, you must step up and negotiate and help come to consensus.  Not your usual my way or the highway or telling the voters the problem is the Republicans.  More and more Americans realize it must be a joint effort, not a dictatorial rant.  The window for navigating these very dangerous times is shrinking every day.  The time for leadership is now.

As mentioned, the status of this nation which is now in danger of slipping away, is the legacy of the hundreds of thousands of American Veterans that gave their lives for this nation.  From the Revolution to the present day conflicts, our service men and women have been willing to give up all of their tomorrows so that we could enjoy today.  For those Veterans who gave everything, you must now be willing to give a little for the greater good of this Nation.  You owe this to our children and grandchildren.  Now is the time for a President that leads – one that is willing to compromise for the greater good of this nation you owe to our children and future generations to enjoy all this country has to offer with proper leadership.

Jim Adams is a former Chief of Staff to three Postmaster Generals, the former U.S. Postal Service District Manager NH/VT, and the current Chairman of Granite State Taxpayers. He also serves on the New Hampshire State Veterans Council. A lifelong Granite State resident, except for four years in the U.S. Navy and nine years in Washington. D.C., Jim is married to wife Sandra with whom he has six children and ten grandchildren.

Author: Jim Adams

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