Opinion: 80-20-0 Choose Wisely

2014 will be one of the most important elections in the history of our country. It will determine if this Nation will continue down a road of the erosion of personal freedoms and a total disregard for the Constitution or will the election bring a return to the a Nation of laws and living by the Constitution.

The present tack of the Obama Administration is to run this Nation as if he were a king or dictator rather than an elected official. As mentioned in prior columns, this President and his cast of characters have taken distortion of the truth to a level never seen before in this Nation, Period.

One of his most ardent followers is Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She was the deciding vote regarding the enactment of the now infamous Affordable Care Act. What a contradiction of terms. Everyone in the Obama Administration and the Senators involved knew that with the one size fits all approach including a litany of procedures that health care providers had to cover, and unless you were a member of Congress or an employee in the Obama Administration, you would lose your present insurance and doctor, period. Senator Shaheen knew this and yet she parroted the party line. She has voted with this administration 100% of the time with the long-term survival of our economy in jeopardy.

There are a number of fine folks contemplating a run for the Senate against Senator “I support the President” Shaheen. But the most interesting story has got to be former Senator Scott Brown. He has not even gotten into the race and the Democrats and their special interest surrogates have spent millions of dollars trying to dissuade New Hampshire voters from voting for him. I think the Democrats are very afraid of Scott Brown.

If you study these anti-Brown ads, you will realize they are the same shameless attack ads used against Senator John E. Sununu when he ran for reelection in 2008. The only difference is the name change. It is the only thing the Democrats know – attack, smear, and try to discredit the opposing candidate. They must realize the candidate most vulnerable to attacks about truthfulness and honesty is their own Jeanne Shaheen.

And to that end, I return to the title of this column. Granite Staters, Moderate Democrats, Independents, Tea Party Members, and Republicans must make a difficult choice. Do they want to vote against Scott Brown because they only agree with 80% of his views or do they want to reelect Rubber Stamp Jeanne Shaheen, a person they probably only agree with 20% of her views? Or worse, do they just stay home and have 0 representation and further assaults of the Constitution and most importantly their freedoms.

Choose wisely; remember Jeanne Shaheen was a signatory of the letter to the IRS relative to putting conservative political groups through the IRS non-profit meat grinder. She, as always, smiled and shook her head in approval of the sham State Department report relative to the Benghazi attacks and most importantly, she will stand by and do nothing as Obama continues to shred the Constitution and your personal freedoms.

80-20-0. It is your choice and this nation’s future could depend on it. Do the right thing and vote for the person that can beat her.

Author: Jim Adams

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  • LibertyClips

    20% for Shaheen or 32% of the time for Brown? Those are not choices. I am voting for Jim Rubens

  • HammerNH

    It is ESSENTIAL that Scott Brown “come out” – as the middle-of-the-road Democrat he truly is. Please Mr Brown – do New Hampshire a favor. Run against Shaheen in the Marxist (aka Democrat) Party primary. What can Brown do for Brown…

  • mikelorrey

    Scott Brown is no republican. Most of the time in the US senate he voted with Obama and senate democrats, in particular he voted in favor of obamacare and supported reinstituting the assault weapons ban.
    NH already has a well established and experienced former US Senator for NH running against Shaheen who we know is a pro-liberty pro-small government conservative: Bob Smith. A+ rating from the NRA. On record as opposing Hillarycare and other progressivist bogosity in his time in the US Senate, like carbon taxes and cap and trade… Unlike Jim Rubens, who is brainwashed by catastrophic man made global warming alarmism..

  • mikelorrey

    Oh, and unlike Jim Rubens, and Scott Brown, Bob Smith has raised all his money from grassroots supporters, while Rubens relies on a huge loan from his wife’s wealth, and Scott Brown is funded entirely by out of state lobbyists and DC RINO’s. Bob Smith is the people’s choice.