With all the uproar relative to the targeting of conservative groups plus waste and abuse regarding off-site meetings and nearly 140 visits to the White House by the Former IRS Commissioner, they have given out $70 million dollars in bonuses to IRS workers.  This type of behavior is a result of a total lack of leadership from the Obama administration.  And the President’s recent vacation to Africa which cost the American taxpayers $100 million dollars shows the government agencies are following the lead of the White House.

Let’s look at the facts.  The IRS employees have an outstanding job relative to salaries and benefits.  Why on Earth and for what purpose would there need to be bonuses or incentive pay?  With the onset of Obama Care and the real ramifications of that terrible piece of Democratic legislation one can only wonder how they qualify for these bonuses.   Government employees should not be part of pay for performance-based bonus program.  What is the criteria what is system based upon, the number of audits conducted, the number of fines imposed, or is it the number of conservation political groups that were harassed and forced to utilize precious resources to fight the IRS rather than mount a formidable grassroots challenge in the last Presidential election.  While there is no proof at the moment the above observation were the criteria for the bonus, one does wonder.  Think about this for a second.  Most of these folks are union members and love all the salary raises and bonuses that have been heaped on the Government employees since the arrival of Obama.  How would it be jumping to conclusions that going after the political groups that would stop bonuses and incentive pay would be a likely target for these Government employees?  Taxpayers need to question their US Congress and Senate members to dig into this problem.  With Obama Care now due to really kick in after the interim elections of 2014, the IRS will hire 16,000 more agents to vie for bonuses and other incentives on the backs of the hardworking men and women, the taxpayers, to prop up this terrible piece of Democratic legislation.

Once again, let’s look at the facts.  The IRS supervisor/manager that oversaw the Tea Party, Patriot tax exempt status delay tactics is now in line for a big promotion and has invoked the 5th Amendment right not to testify. Couple that with the fact the former IRS Commissioner visited the White House over 140 times and can’t remember what they discussed.  The American people should be furious.  The arrogance of this Administration and this rogue Government agency (IRS) must be defanged in the 2014 elections.   Just remember, the House is the only group in Washington concerned about this illegal and completely unethical breech of public trust.  Once again, ask your Representatives in Washington to get to the bottom of this issue one of the many recently from this, “I can’t remember it, I never heard of this prior to reading it in the media,” rogue administration.  A dear friend recently told me, President Obama makes Sergeant Schultz look like a genius.  If our Congresswoman and Senator up for reelection in 2014 don’t act on this serious problem, do the right thing and vote them out.

Jim Adams is chairman of Granite State Taxpayers.

Author: Jim Adams

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