OP-ED: NH Gov Race Roster Missing Key Name

The Cabinet weighed in on the Governor’s race with an editorial that is particularly interesting for its comments about a candidate unlikely to be on the ballot, Senate President Peter Bragdon.

From the piece:

A reasonable, decent man who just happens to disagree with us most of the time, but always, it seems, in such a way that you come away believing he was willing to listen.”

After sincerely stated disappointment at Bragdon’s decision not to run; the editorial moves on to the only candidate to throw his hat in the ring so far, Ovide Lamontagne, who get knocked for his longtime political ambitions.

Already in the race for the GOP nomination is Ovide Lamontagne. He’s already had the GOP nod and lost, to Jeanne Shaheen in 1996, and he lost the GOP U.S. Senate primary to Kelly Ayotte in 2010.

So he’s experienced in an essential area of politics: losing.

Ah, but this time?

It’s hard to predict what will happen in 2012. A lot depends on how President Barack Obama does between now and then, and things aren’t looking all that good.

Author: Amanda Markell

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