“Occupy” spouting lunatic busted for murder

A lunatic from Raymond, NH who describes himself as “an anarchist with political views” and whose Facebook page is littered with anti-corporate tirades was arrested on Monday.

Damien Tisbert faces murder charges in the death of Robert “Scott” Dickinson.

Tisbert’s Facebook page shows the suspected murder has hardcore anti-corporate views, views which may have been enflamed by recent political rhetoric.

“We are your children raised on Ritalin & Prozac, Biting the hand that’s reared us, pissing down our hero’s throats,” writes Tisbert in a bizarre rant on Facebook. “Declaring war on everything declaring war on nothing. MUSIC, ART, VIOLENCE, ANTI-PORN, PORN, what ever the fuck we want. we will not sit back and let corporate interests steal out culture. giving nothing and we are taking everything. MAKING THIS WORLD A PLACE OF OUR OWN!!!!!!!”

His comments call to mind the leftwing political movement “Occupy Wall Street”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • C. dog e. doG

    First, there’s truth in advertising: Damien.  Who could have predicted?  Looks like he could use a pinch more Prozac, a little less angel dust.  Wonder if there are evil “corporate” interests at play in the poppy fields of the Lord?

    Now he’s goin’ to have to answer to the biggest, baddest corporate interest of all: NH Inc.  Too bad there isn’t an effective corporate termination policy.
    – C. dog throws down the electronic guillotine

  • Chuck In Belmont

    “His comments call to mind the leftwing political movement “Occupy Wall Street””

    Man… for THIS (your own opinion) being the only basis for calling out the occupy folks?
    What a SAD commentary on the journalistic product the granite state can offer up to conservatives. You guys ought to start your own little “occupy” movement… Like try occupying the TRUTH now and then. I know it’s hard. But think for a moment how hard it is for thinking conservatives like myself to hold our heads up amidst all this yellow journalism.
    Chuck in Belmont

  • Usually RIght

     “His comments call to mind the left-wing political movement “Occupy Wall Street””

    Seriously?  Quite a reach there Journal.

  • Shane Lived!

    Do your writers or editors come up with titles? While Hynes is very conservative, even he doesn’t seem like the kind of journalist to just make stuff up. The guys facebook page reads more like the rantings of a depressed violent person, than anything “occupy”-ist. I wouldn’t have noticed anything overtly political if not for this article saying so. Sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    Of course there will be no death penalty for this dirtbag.

    • Lacey

      What lesson does one learn by being put to death.. we put animals down to end suffering and misery, wouldn’t the ideal punishment be for someone to live, as long as they possibly can, with the memory of what they did constantly beating on their brain, every single day, if not every waking moment? killing someone for killing, in my eyes is a little ass backwards, and hypocritical, killing is illegal, he killed someone, so lets kill him?

      • woodnfish

        You think he needs to learn a lesson for murdering someone? I think he needs to be executec so he csn never harm another person. As long as he is alive, he can be released and he costs us money. Fry the bastard.

        • Lacey

          Maybe my judgement is clouded a little because I have known this person for YEARS.. but at the same time I’ve NEVER been okay with the death penalty so.. no, I disagree.

        • Lacey

          AND, he is in for 47 to life, he wont be getting out until he is 69, IF he even makes it through his sentence.. so I seriously doubt there is going to be anyone else he hurts.

          • woodnfish

            As long as he is alive some judge or poloitician can release him. It aint over ’till it’s over.