O’Brien tires of Democrats’ ‘clown’ act

New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien has grown tired of what he calls a ‘circus’ environment being created by the Democratic minority in the New Hampshire House, reports Tom Fahey of the New Hampshire Union Leader. O’Brien believes the Democrats are deliberately avoiding serious discussion over key legislative issues.

“It’s much easier, I am sure, to present to the media a circus and say, ‘I’m going to throw in another clown today and see if you like the performance of that clown,” as opposed to, ‘I’m going to talk to you about the problems that we have and how we’re going to solve them,'” O’Brien said of the Democrats.

The Democrats suffered severe defeats in November 2010, which have depleted their number in the New Hampshire House. The once dominant party now has only about a quarter of the seats in the lower chamber with almost no authority. O’Brien believes they have assumed the role of disrupting activity for partisan purposes.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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