Nyquist seeks Sanborn apology for mailer

Democratic District 9 state Senate candidate and attorney Lee Nyquist Sanborn tonight is demanding that Republican Sen. Andy Sanborn apologize for a mailer that recounts Nyquists’s representation many years ago of a man who was charged, but never convicted of shooting a Manchester police officer.


The mailer is one of many negative mailers on both sides in the hotly contested race, but Nyquist said this one was “stoking racial fears.” Nyquist defended the man, who was convicted of other charges. Those charges were overturned on appeal by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.


The man who was charged with shooting the officer was Hispanic, and the mailer depicts a man with a dark complextion in a hood carrying a gun.


Sanborn, reached tonight, declined to comment on Nyquist’s demand or the mailer.


In a press release, Nyquist said, “This kind of disgusting dog whistle to racial animus has no place in modern campaigns and my opponent should be ashamed. It is just sad that Andy Sanborn is so desperate to remain in political office that he would resort to these kinds of tactics.”

Author: John DiStaso

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